Friday, April 23, 2010

Barley, Quinoa, Sprouts and Couscous, Oh My!

I have tried so many new foods this week and I loved them all. I just need to figure out different ways to eat them with different dishes. If anyone has any favorite recipes I'd love to try them!

First off this week I tried Quinoa! I hear everyone talking about it, but I have never tried it before. I made it for breakfast and added some raisins and cinnamon. It's naturally sweet on it's own and has a distinct flavor. However I really liked it! The texture reminds me of eating steel cut oats which I love.

Second, I tried Couscous (whole wheat organic). I decided to make a batch of couscous instead of our usual brown rice with our pepper steak one night.  Oh, wow! I loved this stuff!! The flavor reminded me of corn meal- oh how I love corn! Ethan loved it too, but this is not the best food to give to toddlers especially if they love to throw their food :-/

Next I tried barley flakes. I had bought pearled barley a few days ago as well, but I knew it took longer to cook. I liked the barley flakes, but it didn't cook up creamy like oatmeal. I love creamy for breakfast.

My jar of sprouts turned out wonderful! The jar was packed! I enjoyed the first serving on my salad for lunch. Everything was organic except for the tomatoes and of course, the tuna ;-) I gave Ethan a few sprouts and he didn't know really what to think of them. He did try tasting them, but I think the texture was a little strange for him. I'll keep trying (like I do with the avocado lol).

On my salad I had the best avocado I have ever eaten! I have been keeping my eye open at Whole Foods for organic avocados and they finally had some this week. Hurray! Isn't this the most beautiful
avocado you have ever seen?? Seriously, I know I've said this before, but truly organic food tastes so much better than conventional. Speaking of conventional, am I the only one that it aggravates that Whole Foods carries a slew of conventional produce? I'm sorry, but if I am going to buy conventional food I'll buy it at my local grocery store where it's cheaper.



N.D. said...

yum! I haven't tried the barley flakes, I'll have to look into them. Quinoa I eat often, I love the protein in it, and couscous is so fast - love it!

B.A. Hunter said...

I LOVE couscous!! It is so easy to cook and you can add all sorts of stuff to it to make it extra yummy. Someone at church made up some with green onions, tomatoes, feta cheese (I can't remember what else) but it was SO good.

Good for you for trying new foods. Now you just have to get your husband on board! lol.


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