Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fluff Talk Thursdays with a GIVEAWAY!!

What a great day to have a Fluff Talk Thursday, but on Earth Day! Happy Earth Day everyone!! I think this is the first year I have actually been excited about Earth Day. It's a day I think a lot of us can freely speak out and it's ok, because it's Earth Day! It's important that we speak out about what we believe in and make others aware of the drastic effects their lifestyle and habits have on our earth. This year I have made so many changes with my diet and lifestyle and I'm seeing huge benefits from it not only in myself but also in Ethan as well. You can read some of my previous posts about these changes. However, for Fluff Talk Thursdays the topic is of course is about the benefits of cloth diapering and damages of using disposables. I think Beth at Happily Domestic did a wonderful post about the stats of disposables. Oh, my, it will blow your mind!! Go read her post here. She is also having a ONE DAY GIVEAWAY for a cloth diaper!!

I must say that I didn't originally get started with cloth diapering for environmental reasons, I did it for economical reasons. Now after knowing what materials are in disposables I don't want them on my baby's bottom let a lone leaking chemicals into our landfills and hanging out for 500 years!

Join in the Fluff Talk Thursdays post and enter the cloth diaper giveaway! Remember it's TODAY only!


B.A. Hunter said...

THanks for joining in. Glad you enjoyed my post. I did some research last night and was shocked! I am even more thankful I use cloth diapers now. :-) Good luck with the giveaway!

Jackie said...

Thanks for the post - I just went over and linked up as well :)
Happy Earth Day!

fancygrlnancy said...

ThankS! I also linked up.. I found this from you and followed the link.


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