Friday, December 12, 2014

Emma's Nutcracker Suite Outfit

One of my fondest childhood memories of Christmas surrounds the Nutcracker Suite story. I took ballet for several years and it was my passion. One year I tried out for a role for The Nutcracker in the Tulsa Ballet. It was an all day affair with hundreds of other little girls trying out as well and I was so devastated that I did not make a role. However, the experience did not spoil my love for the Nutcracker! This Christmas season I was inspired to make Emma a Nutcracker outfit so I started to put all the details together. My favorite sewing patterns are from Ellie Inspired because of the style, consistent fit and the designer is just the sweetest person! I was determined to use a pattern from my Ellie Inspired collection. I chose the Beautiful Dreamer pattern because of it's beautiful square neckline and it's great potential to transform it into what I was envisioning.

Picking out the fabric was next on my list. I wanted to use white, but since I wanted to use red piping I needed a fabric that was thicker than broadcloth. Ended up finding a medium weight white fabric with silver metallic 'glitter' throughout. Very beautiful and thick enough, yet not too heavy. Red Kona was used for the sash and piping which I already had on hand.

After spending many hours searching for embroidery designs online I finally found an adorable fill-in set! There wasn't enough space on the front skirt to even use all of the ones in the set. The embroidery took several hours and literally spent all day on the machine while taking care of everything else.

There were a couple of modifications to the Beautiful Dreamer pattern to shape it into the outfit I desired. I wanted a more fitted looking bodice and a shorter skirt to resemble more of the traditional ballet tutu shape than a comfy night gown. Adding a skirt lining with tulle sewn along the bottom gave it the built in petti-skirt to give it body and help show off the embroidery designs a bit better as well. Piping was made with red kona which lined the waist, neckline and the center bodice to create a rectangle center where a single "E" monogram was stitched out in a script font. I felt the elaborate top would be best paired with simple leggings. The black leggings are from the free pattern in the Ellie Inspired Facebook group.

I don't have pictures of Emma in the outfit yet. We are in the middle of a move to our new house so it has been quite hectic around here. I wanted to go ahead and share photos though. Obviously, the outfit was a labor of love, but it was completely worth it!

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Friday, June 8, 2012

Our Kitchen

I'm linking up with Kelly's Korner today for the Home Tours: Kitchen. The kitchen is my favorite spot in the house and I needed a little extra motivation to get it cleaned up today anyway ;-) My husband is a home builder and we've built several houses. We've built several houses and he really gives me free rein of style. In February we just finished up our 5th house and moved in. We live in our house for 2 years and then put it up for sale and then build another. If there is something I don't like I only have to deal with it for 2 years :-) This is the smallest house we've built. We've slowly downsized from a 3500 sq ft house to this one, about 1855 sq ft. We opted to have only one dining area and then split the second dining area space into the kitchen, utility and a computer area behind the kitchen. This gave me a large enough kitchen (still smaller than our 3500 sq ft house though) and we're pretty pleased with the layout. We still haven't added hardware to the cabinets or even decorated it yet. Saving up for a larger vehicle because baby #3 is on the way so who knows when we will get around to doing that! However, I am usually on the lookout for kitchen decor, but haven't found anything that I just had to have yet. The cabinets are knotty alder. We've had white cabinets and stained both and we really like the stained look better. I have electrical outlets all above the cabinets that can be turned on at the light switch. This is great for decoration with lights & garland at Christmas time. I've had the outlets put in the last few houses and it's been great. Photobucket 
Our pantry. Went with a chalk board door. Love this! It's nice to have to write messages on at birthday time too. The boys love writing on it but it does make a huge dusty mess! 

When we are building a house I spend HOURS looking through websites to get ideas. Each house has been a bit different. Two houses I've used green (one had a huge island and it was green beadboard and another had a green vent a hood and middle section where the stove was at) as an accent color to go with the stained cabinets. This time I decided on a black accent and bookmarked several pictures of vent a hood styles. My husband built exactly what I wanted, I think he did a fabulous job!! Then the painters did exactly what I was wanting as well. It's a rare thing to have something turn out exactly like you want ;-) Photobucket 
There was supposed to be a walkway that went to the living room on the other side of the kitchen but I wanted to close that off to give more cabinet space. I also love a more closed kitchen. Having an open bar area on the end is about all I can do with an open design. Since we have to consider what is good for re-sale, open designs are still very popular.  
PhotobucketWe've had the textured painting on the walls and ceiling for the last few houses, we really love the look. We usually do beams as well and he put 3 in through the length of the kitchen and dining area. Photobucket  
Lights are another favorite of mine to pick out. Sadly I'm drawn to the most ornate and expensive lights. We built this house on the cheap so I spend much time online looking at what I wanted and finding lights on clearance. I wanted a crystal chandelier above the bar. I love this light (I think the electricians hung it a bit high though).

We went with tile for the kitchen as well to save money. We've had wood floors in the last 3 houses but it's nice to have tile again. It doesn't show dirt or water spots as bad. I think I prefer the lighter floor for stained cabinets. I do still like wood floors for white cabinets though. Photobucket

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: 8 years ago today.....

I married the man of my dreams..... 


8 years later we have built 5 homes, moved 6 times, traveled countless times, had many ups & downs and now have 3 kids......... Photobucket 

yes, 3.....
#3 due approximately December 19th :-) Photobucket

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: The Great Cloth Diaper Change 2012

If you cloth diaper I'm sure you heard about the annual Great Cloth Diaper Change that was held this past weekend. This was Tulsa's first year to participate and Cole & I were able to take apart of the event. It was held at Whole Foods and was packed with 109 babies changed. The coordinator, Toni Keltner,worked really hard to make our event wonderful. We had swag bags packed with free products, coupons and discounts. Plus there was over 90 giveaway prizes. I won the very last prize, a Step2 play kitchen. The boys LOVE it! If you didn't have a local GCDC in your area this year, get together with some of your friends and coordinate one for your town next year! Here's some photos from the event that Cole and I were in :-) Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket


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