Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Superman Fondant Cake

Hubby's birthday is Valentine's Day so I always have a reason to bake something special, but it's never a themed Valentine's Day goodie ;-) This is the first year I waited until the last minute (2 days which is last minute for me!) to decide on what theme of his cake would be. Superman is his second favorite comic character (with Hulk being the first) and hadn't made a cake for him with this character yet. I kept the cake pretty simple and used left over colored fondant from Ethan's cake. I had to tint some fondant yellow though to use. This cake was probably the worst one I've done so far. I decorated it while it was on my cake pedestal that has a lip around it. I'm going to have to remember never to do that again! It caused all kinds of issues getting the fondant smooth. Also I had to roll out the blue fondant much thinner than I would like since I was using what I had on hand. When you use less than you should it is much less forgiving covering up flaws and going on smoothly. The pictures somehow make it look better than it looked in person lol. However, the cake was just for the 3 of us and I wasn't trying to impress anyone but my husband and of course he thought it was great!




Tina said...

I'm pretty impressed too! I've never used fondant myself, I'm a scaredy cat. Maybe I should give it a try =)

Unknown said...

Better than I could do! I don't even bake my husband a cake. :o)

Set Apart Living Mama said...

WOW!!! You are talented. I know I have said that before but it's true!!! You should sell your cakes!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Looks great!


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