Friday, February 25, 2011

Project 365: Week 8

NapTime MomTog Project 365

Yes, another brother matching outfit :-)

I got 3 shirts on clearance for Ethan at Kohls for 84 cents each! The Elmo one he can wear now and the other two will fit next Christmas since they are seasonal :-) I also got several things for Cole super cheap too, but this was my best deal. Can't leave the little one out!

I made 3 nursing/maternity gowns out of a maternity shirt pattern I had. I just added a few inches to the length. The first one I made larger than the pattern because I wasn't sure if it would be roomy enough. It was too roomy and I had to make 2 sizes smaller! These 2 fit well. I bought the fabric online and they cost me $4.65 each to make. 


It looks gross, but it's supposed to be a worm made out of play dough (daddy's creation...). Ethan loved it! 

I bought this knit fabric online to make a nursing gown out of not realizing it was a poly blend. So I made a post- partum friendly skirt instead! I got a $1 pattern at JoAnns and ran elastic in the waist and saftey pinned it together until after a couple weeks after I have Cole so I can better adjust it. I think this skirt may be a little on the large size so I may have to alter it too. Cost me $10 :-)



I attempted to make a knit baby tshirt (on right) and I was comparing it to a 3 month size button up shirt. Too big! I was disappointed in the pattern even after I altered it. The second shirt turned out a lot better but sewing knits for babies is for the birds! I'll just have to buy some onsies and tshirts at garage sales this spring for him and forget sewing anymore! The elephant fabric only cost me $1.50 and I made 2 so it wasn't a costly experiment.


We bought Ethan his big boy bed (a bunk bed) this summer but hadn't bought any bedding for it yet. Poor little guy has slept with girly sheets and comforters (the only thing I had already) since then! We saw a dinosaur set at Pottery Barn Kids that we liked, but it's so expensive and still has not gone on sale. Tonight we were at Ross and saw this cute dinosaur comforter for $16 and space themed sheets for $7 and called it good :-D



Unknown said...

I love the comforter!

Anonymous said...

I love the last photo. Too cute. Kenny laughs at me when I buy matching outfits. lol. Thanks for linking up.

Lori said...

great buys on the shirts. very cute bedding and he looks like he is thrilled with it

deb duty said...

I'm so impressed with your sewing abilities! Cute photos!

Bird's Eye View Photography said...

Love those little overalls! I miss the days when my boys were small enough to wear those!

Angee @ October Morning said...

Looks like a fun week. Matching outfits are the best.

Seizing My Day said...

I am visiting the link late... I love that last photo... so giggly and cute!


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