Friday, February 25, 2011

I'm the winner of the $250 Cloth Diaper Package from MOAS!!!


Just a couple days ago I blogged about the great deal Mother of a Sale was having on Oh Katy diapers. I also entered in their grand prize giveaway of $250 cloth diaper package on Facebook. I just found out I WON!!!! I am sooooo excited!!!! With 2 in cloth in a few weeks away I can use more cloth diapers for sure. This is such a blessing!!!! Thank you Mother of a Sale!!!!!!!!!!!

To all my readers, go check out the fantastic deal on Oh Katy diapers while it's still on!



N.D. said...

congrats! that's great news!

Unknown said...

And I was excited because I won a diaper & wet bag on fluff Friday at the cloth diaper whisperer, but this is WAY more exciting!!! Congrats, Chari! :)

Barbara Montag said...

Oh wow - Congrats!

Katie S said...

Wow! Amazing! Congratulations!!!

Unknown said...

Dang for me, congrats for you!


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