Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ethan's Maisy Mouse Train 2nd Birthday Party!

I'm finally getting around to sharing my photos from Ethan's party! I probably spent twice the many hours planning this party than his First Birthday Party! Since his theme was Maisy's Train and Maisy is a European cartoon, no party goods are available in the U.S. I ended up purchasing a flatbed scanner to scan images from Maisy books so I had something to work with.

First is the invite, right? You can see the invite on my post here that I wrote a few weeks back. I used my digiscrapping software to construct this invite. It turned out great!

I started working on all the details about a week before the party. I made some stickers for the napkins. Inside the napkins was a fork. I found a basket on clearance at Target that fit the right amount of napkins and plates. Since there was a lot on the table this helped the space.

I spent $12 making goody boxes which included everything even the shredded paper. I bought smelly bubbles and mini tubs of playdough at the dollar store. I also included a wooden train whistle for each child. I made stickers for the playdough and for the boxes.

I made a sign to go with the candy buffet and take home bags. I was wanting to make stickers for the boxes as well, but I knew I would have leftovers and decided not to put stickers on them so I could use them for another party.

I also enlarged the image from his invite to make a sign in table in my foyer when you first come in. I had several of his 2 year pictures framed on the table and had a guest book and flowers on it. I wish I hadn't forgotten to take a picture of it  :-/

Here is the party pictures! I didn't take many with my digital camera and used my dads 35mm camera. I didn't realize I had the wide angle lens on (don't laugh, I'm still learning about cameras!) which means I needed the flash with the special filter on it. My dad told me once he got there, but I had already taken pictures of the cake and everything. I didn't think I would need to go back and re-take the photos. That is why some of the photos are a little blurry. Live and learn right?

Here's the whole room

A close up of the table (with my digital camera)

A little better close up of the table (right when I started cutting the cake)

The candy buffet! We had a ton of candy leftover which we will be using at our Halloween Gingerbread Party in a few weeks.

The Cake! Wow, this thing was a monster ;-) It took about 12 hours to make this. I made a 2 tier cake, 6 and 9 inch layers. White cake on top tier and chocolate on the bottom tier. All covered with buttercream frosting. Everything on the cake is edible. The "2" I made out of fondant and I added tylose powder to make it a gum paste. I made it about a week before the party so it had time to dry. Some of the items (the train) I started to make a few days before the party, but really almost everything I made the day before the party and transferred it straight to the cake. I was wanting to add a few more animals to fill in the cake (esp the bottom tier). However, after spending 12 hours on the cake I was pooped (not to mention pregnancy fatigue decided it wanted to kick in that day!). Overall, I am really happy with how the cake turned out. It was the most difficult thing I have made yet. I don't see myself as an artist and it took me several tries to make each animal look half way reasonable :-)

This picture cracks me up. It is when Ethan was blowing out his candles, but it looks like Andrew and I are ready to blow them out just in case he can't! ha! He did fine though, he's full of hot air, so I don't know why we wouldn't think he couldn't do it ;-)


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Unknown said...

I love the last picture! :o)
You put so many fabulous little details into the parties to make them extra special!

Anonymous said...

These are so great. Looks like he had a fun party.

Jill said...

wow this cake is awesome. You should fan my friend Jill's site Party like a kid on facebook and submit your party for all her fans to see!

Terra Heck said...

Wow, you did a wonderful job with all of the decorations. And you did an even more wonderful job on the cake.

N.D. said...

just went back to look at this and I love the railroad signs (among everything else). You did agreat job!

Alyssa said...

How cute! My son used to love Maisy!

Lori said...

Your table was so great and that cake was amazing!

Holly said...

Very cute theme, I love all the colours. :)


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