Friday, August 28, 2009

First Birthday: Barnyard Theme

Ethan's first birthday party! It was so much fun and now I'm worn out! lol I think there was about 26 of us so it was a nice full house.

I have been planning this thing for MONTHS and have spent countless hours searching the net for ideas for the party, decorations and the cake. There isn't too much out there for a barnyard theme, although it is starting to get popular since there are a few barnyard party decoration supplies just coming out.

On to the pictures!

**click on photos to enlarge**

The table!

Cupcake Toppers I made
Party Favors. Brown was chocolate and the pink and white were cherry flavored.
Each one had a different enamel charm attached.
Cake and cupcakes! The cake was chocolate and I also made chocolate cupcakes both with chocolate buttercream and vanilla buttercream(the ones with the green icing) AND strawberry cupcakes with vanilla buttercream. All of it was baked and made from scratch.Close up of the cake. This is very close to a cake that was made by a cupcake blog I follow. No, I'm not linking or adding her picture because it makes mine look pathetic LOL. The animals, flowers, fence and sign are made of gum paste. It was my first time working with gum paste and I found it much easier than fondant. I also made two cows and two horses, but decided not to use them and threw them away. I need a little more practice first with figures! The pigs and ducks I made first and turned out better than the other animals! I made a "pond" out of the blue fondant and then covered it with the Wilton glitter gel. You can't tell it glitters in the picture, but it was really pretty!

After the party I opened up my mail to find this ADORABLE cow print cloth diaper from my friend Bethanne!! I was very sad I had not opened it up before the party because it would have been so cute to have him stripped down to his cow print diaper while eating his cupcake!!! Here's a couple of pictures from our little photo shoot today!

Ethan and his little cow :-)


MaryAnne said...

Cute cake! I'm always surprised that there isn't more out there for farm parties, because I think it's the perfect theme for first/second birthday parties.

Meghan said...

So cute! And I love the cow print diaper. My daughter had a cow print one when she was still in diapers. Thanks for sharing!


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