Monday, May 3, 2010

My Iris!

I love iris! They are such a hardy disease resistant plant that I never accidentally kill. I usually go to the annual iris show in the spring and drool over all the colors that I want to have. I've picked up a few starts at some of the shows, but I ever seem to get the ones I wanted. They sell starts, but they are limited because they are from gardeners. Sometimes I've opted for another color that resembles the color I requested by checking it on my sheet, but somehow it's not as similar as I'd like.

I have 3 colors in bloom at the moment and I have pictures of my favorite 2. These are gorgeous and I'll be making sure I take a start of these varieties before we move.

Dark deep purple. This color is so powerful. 

 Up Close.

My yellow! I don't remember if this is one I picked up last year at the iris show or not, but it is my keeper. A beautiful golden yellow. I think it looks more gold in person. Next year I'll plant the purple and yellow next to each other.

My very favorite iris is Rare Treat (you don't forget the names of the ones you can't live without lol). My mom has had it for years, but I still have not received a start from her. I will this year for sure! She took a picture of Rare Treat on my birthday and it was in full bloom. This picture doesn't even show the whole plant, it is huge! There were at least 30 blooms if not more.



Unknown said...

I love them too! I took a pic of a neigbors because I don't have any of my own.LOL My Mom had some when I was little.

cwendel said...

I have never seen anything like that "Rare Treat" before....... just stunning! For sure you are going to have to get one from your mom and put it in your new house - one plant on each side of the walkway!! :)


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