Thursday, November 5, 2009

Need your feedback: Comments vs. Entry Form

One reason I switched to the entry form for my giveaway is because my comments were not numbered and it was very time consuming to count when drawing for a winner. However I have figured out how to add the numbered comment feature in my blog and I would like to see how my readers feel about this.

Do you like entering giveaways with all comments showing or do you like entering through the entry form where I only see your information. And why?

I have listed some Pros and Cons for each one that I could think of:


  • You can see how many people have entered the giveaway.
  •  If you don't remember if you entered the giveaway you can go back and scan through the   comment  section to see if you did.
  • Your email address is exposed to everyone.
  • Take longer to enter since you have to comment for each entry like before.

Entry Form

  • More user friendly and less confusing?
  • Secures your email information so know one can see.
  • Since everyone is required to enter their email address there are no redraws. Do you guys know how many redraws I had to do with the comment form giveaways because no one leaves their email address??
  • You won't remember if you entered the giveaway

Please take the time to let me know how you feel about this and I will be implementing it on the new giveaways. Also, let me know if there is anything else that you have have suggestions on that may make it easier for you to browse Take Time to Smell the Rose. Thank you, I appreciate your time and advice!


Amber Liddle said...

I like your entry form. It keeps everything in order, I won't miss out on extra entries, and you only have to do it once, other than the tweets.

N.D. said...

I like the comments way. :)

Julie said...

I think both ways are okay. But I agree with your cons-because it does help to remember if you have entered the contest or not-sometimes my memory isn't the best. :) For that reason,I like to see the comments

Jaimin said...

Personally, I like the entry forms because of the pros you listed. So much easier and private. If people are afraid that they will forget what giveaways they've entered, they can keep a written list by their computer, not too hard a fix. :)

ReAnna said...

OK, So I just figured out all this fallowing you thing. Man! It took me forever,but Yay!!!! I am a follower! Ok,so do you have to have a baby to win baby stuff cause I'm not having kids anytime soon...Uhhh you know that.. but I might one day lol.. Plus I think that stroller is pretty freaking sweet!

Kelly said...

Both ways are good I'm sure, and thanks for listing the pros and cons, but I do like it when I can see if my entry went thru for the giveaway. I hope this helps you out.

CaraW. said...

I really like the entry form - so much quicker and it "remembers" for you from the last time. I also really like that it combines all the ways you can get points when you first enter, so you don't miss anything the first time through. I really didn't like the comments way - too tedious and time consuming......

Kelly said...

Guess what????
You won the B&D vac on my blog!!!
E-mail me at with your address!!!


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