Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wordless Wednesday- Silly Dahlia

I LOVE Dahlia's. They are my second favorite flower (the rose being my first of course). I have tried to grow these little stinkers for 5 years now and they NEVER come up, but I keep planting them anyway! A couple weeks ago we were weeding our flower bed and my husband asked if this was a weed. I was pretty sure it was one of my dahlias, but wasn't for sure since #1, I have never seen one come up and #2, I planted these back in April so surely it wouldn't be just now coming up.

Well guess who bloomed 2 days ago?! I couldn't believe my eyes. So, is it just teasing me, will I see her back next SUMMER and should I go ahead and plant more siblings next spring??

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Annie said...

So very pretty! I love Dahlias too! My first fav is carnations though :)

Happy soon to be thursday (I am so late at commenting)

ReAnna said...

Wow!!! That is such a beautiful flower!!!!


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