Monday, July 27, 2009

Rose Pictures

Here are some new pictures of my roses, they are really starting to look good, foliage and blooms. I haven't been spraying them either, shocker. I should start doing that since they are looking so good, if I want them to continue doing well.

**click photos to enlarge**

The Pink roses really look coral next to the pink flowers in the basket and clashes :-( I'll have to remember to pick a different color for the basket next year.

The roses by the pool deck aren't blooming right now. I need to prune, fertilize and spray them. Once they do I'll share picture of them because they are very pretty!

This is the crape myrtle I got. If you remember I was holding out for a cotton candy color, but they are rare. I thought this one might be ok, the tag said it is light pink, but I disagree. It may look like it from the picture, but believe me it's not. My husband even called it purple. Next to the hot pink roses it does have a purple hue. Oh well, one day I'll find my cotton candy crape myrtle.


B.A. Hunter said...

Just wanted to let you know that I will be sponsoring my own giveaway on my blog here in the next few be sure and enter! Winner will receive a one size Haute Pockets diaper! :-)

cwendel said...

Hey I have a non-chemical formula for rose spray that I got from some university rose garden site.... let me know if you want it!! They look great, by the way....


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