Friday, July 24, 2009

Show us your life- Wedding Dress

This week at Kelly's Korner is the wedding dress, so exciting!

We got married 5 years ago, and all our pictures were on film. The pictures aren't very clear because they are pictures of a picture because I don't have a scanner :-( I just contacted my photographer today to see if they still have the negatives (my receipt says they keep them for 5 years) and how much it may cost to purchase them. Now just waiting to hear back from them!

My wedding dress is the very first one I tried on. Of course I tried on several more at a few more bridal shops, but the first one was the perfect one for me. This gown is made by Audrey Hart and is made of shantung. The veil has little jewels scattered on it.

**click on photos to enlarge**
This was one of my bridal shots, it shows good detail of the top.

Picture of the front. My mom trying to get the wrinkles out with the hair dryer. Thank goodness they came out fairly well since it was only in the bag for the trip from the house to the mansion where we got married. Still, that is one thing a bride ALWAYS needs to buy/rent/borrow/whatever... a STEAMER!!! This isn't a very flattering picture, I'm eating and talking at the same time haha. This is the best picture I could find that shows good detail of the back top. You can also see the veil.

I couldn't find a picture of just a view of the back of the dress with the train. I'm sure the photographer got a shot, but I don't have the picture, very sad! I did find a couple of pictures with it bustled.
Next week is the wedding party and flowers!


Katie said...

Thanks for stopping my my blog! I loved see your dress- it was a lot like mine!

Unknown said...

I love it! Thanks for participating in The Wedding Dress Blog Tour! It is great that so many wonderful ladies have signed up and showed off their beautiful dresses.

Cheri said...

Stopping by via the wedding dress blog tour.
My photos are on negatives too. I really wish digital cameras had been around and more popular when I was married.

Glogirl said...

Beautiful dress! It is very flattering on you and looks like it is a perfect fit.

Merry said...

Your dress is very pretty. I can see my mom trying to unwrinkle my dress with a hairdryer. Too funny!

Julia Gabriel said...



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