Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What kind of home decorator are you?

When I was younger and living on my own in an apartment my furniture and decorations were very eclectic. I didn't spend much money on furniture or decorations. I was a full time student, worked a full time job AND a part time job (don't ask me how I survived, I really don't know how I did...). All my money went to tuition and the high living expenses of living on my own (no room mates!) in a nicer, newer apartment. Then a couple years later I met my husband he had just moved into his first new house (he is a home builder) the previous year and all his furniture was brand new. Of course being a bachelor there wasn't any decor in his home. It was after we got married and I moved into 'our home' that the things I decorated my apartment with and collected over the years as a teenager just weren't going to fit into the style of our house. Can you imagine Hello Kitty bedding and bathroom decor in a traditional, colonial style home? Yes, I'm serious, I had Hello Kitty bedding....

Slowly I got rid of the majority of these things and only boxed up a few items to save in case we ever have a daughter. She will have no choice but to love Hello Kitty ;-) We have built a few homes and have moved around a lot and our taste of decor has developed as a couple. Every time we move we've added new furniture pieces to our home such as new dining room set, china cabinets, living room set and just recently this summer a bunk bed for Ethan and a new king size (finally!!) bedroom set for us (well, it was the cheapest set at the store....). We've gravitated towards a rustic, old world style of furniture mostly in darker woods. Although I love the style of furniture and home decor we've chosen for our home, a part of me is still drawn to the clean look of modern furniture especially when it comes to modern dining room furniture. I blame it on my "C" personality. I love looking in magazines of simple, organized modern furniture. Then I come back to reality and see toys thrown around the house and realize my house would never look like that ;-)

Have you noticed a change in your home decor or furniture tastes from when you were single to now married? Or from no kids to having kids?


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Set Apart Living Mama said...

I love the darker woods! I don't have a style just whatever we can afford or what people hand down to us:) My daughter will have to love Beauty and the Beast since I love it and have a collection. LOL:)

N.D. said...

I have carebears ! yay for having a girl. I hope you do so you can share your hello kitty!


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