Monday, February 7, 2011

Menu Plan: February 6-12

*For those of you who may be new: We eat mostly organic, whole foods. Meats and eggs are free range, antibiotic free. I still use regular dairy at this time due to cost. 'We' meaning myself and my toddler son. My husband still has to have his white pasta, white bread and soda*

We definitely got snowed in last week! We're supposed to get more so we went to the local grocery store to pick up a few items. I'll be out of meat after this week, so I hope the roads will be better by the weekend so I can get to Whole Foods to stock up again. I guess it depends on how much snow we get this week :-/ Lacking fresh veggies this week too, oops!

Sunday: Baked turkey breast, mashed potatoes, corn

Monday: Whole Wheat spaghetti with meat sauce and green beans
Tuesday: Baked Apricot Chicken with brown rice, broccoli, and black eyed peas

Wednesday: Bacon, scrambled eggs, orange slices, and whole wheat biscuits. 

Thursday: Ground Beef Tacos, pinto beans and organic corn tortilla chips.

Friday: Homemade pizza on whole wheat crust

Saturday: Tuna Patties, Macaroni and Cheese*, navy beans, and broccoli.   

Breakfasts: Overnight Oatmeal and Whole Wheat Banana Bread 

Lunches: Right now I still have a stock of turkey breasts in my freezer. I cook one on Sunday and it serves as one main meal plus our lunch meat through the week. Once I run out of these turkey breasts I will be switching me and Ethan's lunches to more bean and veggie base while husband still has turkey meat from the deli.

Snacks: fruit and  Crispy Cheese Crackers. Going to make another snack, but can't decide on anything yet.  

*Recipe from Whole Foods for the Whole Family Cookbook


This post contains an Amazon Affiliate Link for the cookbook. If you decide to purchase, I would appreciate the purchase through my link :-) Thank you!


N.D. said...

this looks great! whats the apricot chicken? I just bought dried apricots to make for the baby.

N.D. said...

+ i love the idea of bfast 4 dinner!


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