Saturday, January 8, 2011

Project 365: Week 1

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January 1st - 7th

Time to get this back out & start eating better!

Fresh batch of crockpot yogurt.

Ethan got a harmonica for Christmas and he LOVES it!

The BEST homemade macaroni and cheese. Recipe from Whole Foods for the Whole Family Cookbook. It doesn't look like it's whole wheat pasta does it?

I made waffles one morning with my new waffle iron. It was making lots of steam and Ethan grabbed a pot holder to fan it. I couldn't get a good action shot :-(

We made a trip to Whole Foods. After my coupons on both of these organic products, I paid 19 cents total :-)

Working hard on his lap top.



Unknown said...

crockpot yogurt?! Do tell!! Love your photos, you had a great 1st week!

Anonymous said...

Great photos. I am interested in the crock pot yogurt too. I want to get Dustyn a laptop like that.

Unknown said...

Are those woody pajamas Ethan is wearing? Tate would love those! :)

B.A. Hunter said...

Nice pictures and great steal at whole foods! I should have joined in on the project 365 but already did not take pictures this week. Hmm...maybe I will still join in. I like the adding 1 week posts verses everyday. That was too much!

N.D. said...

great deals and great idea for the 365 plan :)


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