Friday, January 7, 2011

Bump 2 Baby Pregnancy Update: 6 Months

I'm in the 3rd trimester now! Wahoo! I'm getting more and more excited about Cole's arrival which is approximately 13 weeks. My energy level is doing pretty good, in fact I have more energy than I did with my 2nd trimester. Kind of funny since it is typically the other way around. I've had a little back pain off and on. Cleaning the floors is the definite way to make it hurt really bad for the rest of the day though! However, it's still nothing like it was with Ethan during this time, which was a constant pain. Still having insomnia so I'm just expecting it to be there for the rest of the pregnancy now.

I've gained TOO much weight!! Lets just say I'm pretty close to what I weighed with Ethan right before I delivered! Ack, not good! With the weight gain and being sick I've decided I HAVE to get back to eating healthy again and pronto. This will help me slow down the weight gain plus it will help me loose the baby weight faster post partum. I started eating better this week. It hasn't been perfect by any means, but it was a start. I also started posting about my meal plans as well which helps keep me focused on having completely healthy meals scheduled.

I really haven't had any cravings, other than oranges the last few days. The only thing I craved with Ethan was fish. I credit the lack of cravings from the super-dooper organic vitamins I take, which were the same ones I took with Ethan. Seriously, these things blow pharmaceutical pre-natals out of the water (but don't let me get started on how pharmaceutical vitamins are crapola to begin with...).

That's about it! Look for some baby product reviews & giveaways during my 3rd trimester now :-)
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Anonymous said...

You look great. Hope you are feeling good.

Unknown said...

Looking good Chari! I have been craving oranges too and I'm not even pregnant any more lol! I bought a box of cuties yesterday and they are tastey. :o)

N.D. said...

wow - it is flying!! you look great!

Katie S said...

Where do you get your prenatal vitamins? How exciting to have your baby coming so soon!


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