Monday, July 19, 2010

Beautiful Music Boxes

One of my most fondest memories of when I was a little girl was the beautiful ballerina music box I received for a birthday present one year. The little wooden box was painted white and had a soft light pink colored velvet interior. When I opened the music box it would play Edelweiss while a little ballerina with a pink tutu would spin around. I loved this little box and kept my necklace and bracelets in it. It is strange I can't recall what happened to my little music box because it would be one of the few things I would have loved to give to my little girl one day.

Recently I was just thinking again about my little ballerina music box and came across these beautiful ballerina music boxes. I found one ballerina music box in particular that I especially love. The outside of the box is a gorgeous powder blue with 3 soft pink ballerinas dancing across the top. This music box also has a velvet lining and plays "Waltz of the Flowers". The quality of this music box is much better than the little white one I grew up with. I know that this ballerina music box could definitely be a family heirloom and passed down to future generations to be enjoyed.

Musical jewelry boxes are made with other beautiful themes besides ballerinas. There are some baby music boxes as well as different themes for both genders of children. I think this little bear on the moon baby music box is absolutely precious. It would make such a nice baby shower gift to a friend or family member for their new bundle of joy. It would be a gift that would last forever.

Musical jewelry boxes are also wonderful pieces to celebrate other mile stones and occasions in our lives. Weddings and Anniversaries are a great example of this and there are beautiful Wedding & Anniversary Music Boxes. I know several times in the past I have struggled to find a meaningful gift for a 50th wedding anniversary. Musical jewelry boxes make a special and unique gift to those couples celebrating a new life beginning together or a celebration of a long happy marriage.

Musical jewelry boxes are the unique gift for many occasions. I am looking forward to choosing musical jewelry boxes to give to others dear to me in the near future.


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MamaMonkey said...

These are nice. I love music boxes! I had one with a dancing ballerina as a girl as well. :-)


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