Thursday, June 10, 2010

Part 2 Journey to a Healthy Life: Educate, Educate!

In Part 1 about the Journey to a Healthy Life I gave the reasons WHY I decided it was time to change our lifestyle. Now the next step is the HOW. Before you can change your life you must educate yourself how you should go about doing it right? The majority of us are mommies and are very busy. We have a bazillion things going on each and everyday (make that 1039048939020 bazillion things if you are a blogging mommy like me!). The last thing we have is time to sit and read and figure out what we need to do don't you agree?? Well I want to give you a few links and recommendations to make that so much easier for YOU!

First you've got to make time to read ONE book, Jillian Michael's "How to Master Your Metabolism". This is not just a book about dieting! In fact, if you eat right and take care of yourself there is no such thing as "dieting". She gives studies, after studies and stats about how dieting messes up our hormones and how chemicals, etc also damages our bodies. This book is so important. I checked out this book from the library and practically read it in one day. This will not cost you a thing, just go to your library and check it out.

Another great read if you have children or plan to soon is Dr. Joel Fuhrman's "How to Disease Proof Your Child". Many parents take their children to Dr. Fuhrman to be treated for all kinds of illnesses. He places the whole family and his diet program and rids the children of their illnesses! An excellent read and proof that living right is the key to HEALTH. God designed our bodies to function without the use of medicines for ADD and other "illnesses". Don't get me wrong, there is a need for medicine, but it is totally abused and used wrong in our current time.

Next are films! There are several films. If you only have time for one watch one, please watch Food Inc. This is a wonderful film and it will change your life forever! It covers a lot of the same principals in Jillian Michael's book (but not ALL so you still need to read the book!). I will guarantee you will not want to eat a McDonalds chicken nugget as long as you live after you watch this film! I also watched "Super Size Me" and "King Corn" which are other documentary films. I have Netflix and was able to watch these on my TV through my husbands xBox for free. There are numerous other documentary films along the same lines of topic. You should be able to rent Food Inc at any movie store though.

Online there is a ton of information as well. There are a few groups I follow on Facebook so I can keep up to date with current happenings with research and the organic industry. One of my favorites is Organic Consumers Association. In the back of Jillian Michael's book there is a HUGE list of resources to many companies and organizations online. I am not going to list these because you should be reading the book anyway ;-)

This is just a simple list to get you going. If you have any favorite books, films or links online that I haven't listed here, please tell me about it in your comments. I'm constantly expanding my knowledge of healthy living and I know it will be a life long process.

A good thing to remember when you are researching and educating yourself is to not let yourself feel overwhelmed. Bite off what you can digest now. I am going to talk more about this in the next section of HOW to implement these changes, where do you start? Plus how to do this on your budget. 


Katie S said...

Thanks so much for all the resources! And really, it's hard not to get overwhelmed, but I'll just make one goal at a time to help me not feel to stressed. Already, this week I've had much more success in getting my son to eat more fruits. Vegetables is going to be another goal! haha. Thanks for the tips!! I'm going to the library today to return some books so I'm going to look for Jillian Michael's book!

Chari said...

Your welcome Katie! I will try to have more tips about how to get your toddler to eat more fruits & veggies in upcoming posts! Keep at it and don't give up :-)


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