Sunday, October 4, 2009

Free Bowling Coupons

Right now until May 31, 2010 Tony's Frozen Pizza has a coupon for a free game of bowling on specially marked packages. You can go here to see what other brands are currently offering the same promotion. Then you can go here to see where the closest bowling center that is accepting these coupons. This is a great deal! Our local grocery store puts Tony's Frozen Pizza on sale often for around $2 to $2.50 each. A game of bowling at our nearest bowling center is $3.89 per game.

Today we used a couple of our coupons to bowl. I don't think we have bowled since before I became pregnant. It was Ethan's first time to see bowling and he was excited! My husband and I took turns holding him while the other one bowled. When we came back from our turn Ethan would grin so big and wrinkle up his nose. Here's a couple of pictures from today. I didn't get a really good one of the wrinkled up nose though. Forgive how messy my hair looks, it's raining today!



Annie said...

I bought a Tony's last week and saw this - what a great deal!

I love this blog and love how much it has grown. :)
I gave you an award on my blog today - check it out!

Unknown said...

We went bowling yesterday for my nephew's 3rd birthday... or should I say "rolling!" We let my son, 13 months, walk up with us and push the bowling ball (with a lot of help from Mommy). He loved it, especially when everyone cheered for him! The funniest part is that our score beat my husband's... and yes the bumpers were up! LOL :o)


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