Sunday, April 17, 2011

Basic Photography Tips

Congratulations Chari. Cole is so adorable. I am honored to be a guest post on her blog. My name is Sarah and I write over on Naptime Momtog.

I want to share some photography tips today. I am in the process of taking a child photography class and it has been a blast so far. It really doesn’t matter if you have an expensive camera or a point and shoot. You can still get a good picture.

To get a good picture inside your house make sure you have the child near a window or a door and have them face the light. I had Carsyn facing the back door in this photo. That made great catchlights {which is the light you see in his eyes}

If you are outside you want to find shade. Indirect light is the best to prevent squinting eyes and harsh shadows in the eye area. I had Dustyn in the shade of the house here. Nice even light and you can see his eyes great.

Some general photography tips:

  • Shoot from different perspectives, down low, up high, close, far away.
  • Try to find your creativity. You don’t want to have all the same types of photos. I struggle with creativity but I am working on that.
  •  If you do want a DSLR some afforable options are the Nikon D3000 {I started with this one} or the Canon EOS Rebel XS. Those are both around $400-500.
  •  If you do buy a DSLR do not buy the kit lens, I repeat do not buy the kit lens. You are better off buying just the camera body and a Prime lens like 35mm, 50mm or 85mm.

If you ever have any photography related questions you can email me. I also had some question and answer posts.I am not a professional, but I will try to help.

Thanks again Chari for having me. Can’t wait to see some more cute photos of Cole!


Sarah said...

Great tips!

Me and Mine in a Small Town said...

Thanks for the tips! What camera did you use for these photos? All the same?


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