Sunday, April 17, 2011

Basic Photography Tips

Congratulations Chari. Cole is so adorable. I am honored to be a guest post on her blog. My name is Sarah and I write over on Naptime Momtog.

I want to share some photography tips today. I am in the process of taking a child photography class and it has been a blast so far. It really doesn’t matter if you have an expensive camera or a point and shoot. You can still get a good picture.

To get a good picture inside your house make sure you have the child near a window or a door and have them face the light. I had Carsyn facing the back door in this photo. That made great catchlights {which is the light you see in his eyes}

If you are outside you want to find shade. Indirect light is the best to prevent squinting eyes and harsh shadows in the eye area. I had Dustyn in the shade of the house here. Nice even light and you can see his eyes great.

Some general photography tips:

  • Shoot from different perspectives, down low, up high, close, far away.
  • Try to find your creativity. You don’t want to have all the same types of photos. I struggle with creativity but I am working on that.
  •  If you do want a DSLR some afforable options are the Nikon D3000 {I started with this one} or the Canon EOS Rebel XS. Those are both around $400-500.
  •  If you do buy a DSLR do not buy the kit lens, I repeat do not buy the kit lens. You are better off buying just the camera body and a Prime lens like 35mm, 50mm or 85mm.

If you ever have any photography related questions you can email me. I also had some question and answer posts.I am not a professional, but I will try to help.

Thanks again Chari for having me. Can’t wait to see some more cute photos of Cole!


Sarah said...

Great tips!

Set Apart Living Mama said...

Thanks for the tips! What camera did you use for these photos? All the same?


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