Friday, March 4, 2011

Please help sew for a cause!

I follow the Craft Gossip blog which I love since everyday there are several neat ideas and tutorials posted. I just read about helping out this sweet little 10 month old baby, Lily, who is having heart surgery on March 22nd. After her surgery she won't be able to lift her arms above her head for 7 weeks. Mom is needing some Kimono style shirts to get them through this 7 weeks. You can read all the details here. Plus there is a free pattern to make the kimonos and the address where to send them. A Flicker photo album has also been set up for everyone to share the photos of the kimonos they make.

Kimonos are very simple and cheap to make. I hope that if you know how to sew that you will take the time to make one for Lily. You may even have scraps to make these already sitting in a tub! I will be picking up material this weekend to make a couple and I'll share my photos here on my blog as well. Please take the little time and money to help out this little one!


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