Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cloth Diapers for Sale!

I just want to make it clear that these are cloth diapers that I purchased myself and not diapers that I have reviewed here on my blog. 

I have a few diapers I am trying to get rid of. Email me if your interested ( Paypal only.

 8 Small Prowraps. Excellent used condition. I bought these when I first started cloth diapering. A few of these really have not been used at all.
$45 (includes shipping)


6 BRAND NEW Swaddlebees large AIO in lavender. Never been washed. I purchased these at the Swaddlebees Outlet Store when Ethan was a few months old and paid $15 each. They do not have the Swaddlebees logo on them, but do have the size and care tags. I'm not a fan of AIO so I don't want to keep these.

$68 (includes shipping)




Set Apart Living Mama said...

You should put these on Diaperswappers if you want them gone. I would give it 12 hours at least and someone would snatch these up! :)

Katie said...

Or Spots/Hyena Cart :)

Good luck!


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