Saturday, February 5, 2011

Bump 2 Baby Pregnancy Update: 7 months

Tomorrow I'm 32 weeks, only 8 weeks left.......approximately. I thought over the last few days my belly has dropped a little (I know it's still too early for "the drop"), but looking at my 6 month picture I can't tell. Maybe Cole's just getting heavier and it feels lower. I am getting big though and measuring larger than I should. Although she didn't say how much bigger. Doctor also said that measuring bigger doesn't mean much since it could mean I have more water than average. I'm hoping I'm full of water!

It has been an interesting month. First of all I did pass my glucose test. I was secretly hoping I wouldn't so I would really have to watch how much I eat lol....However, I am eating healthier the majority of the time as you can see from my weekly menu plans I post on Mondays. Husband still brings home things that I am tempted to every once in a while. My blood work came back that I was anemic. That would explain why I never got that second trimester energy boost and that most afternoons I still have to lay down and take a nap. I was actually a little anemic with Ethan's pregnancy, but my doctor wrote it off as 'ok' and she didn't tell me to take any iron (just another reason why I didn't like my old OB!). I picked up a 'gentle' iron supplement at the healthfood store and have been taking that with some vitamin C in the mornings. I have noticed a little difference in my energy level, but there are still some days I'm still pretty tired. A couple of weeks before I had my blood work done I was having daily bouts of difficulty breathing and it was getting pretty bad. After a few days of taking my iron supplement it has gone completely away.

I think I had my first real pregnancy food craving last month! For about 3 weeks I was eating about 2 oranges a day and I felt like I couldn't get enough :-D I was fighting a sinus infection coming on and was taking about 10k mg of vitamin C a day too. I was shocked to look up that a typical orange only has 45 mg of vitamin C! There's no way you could eat enough vitamin C to help your body during a sickness. The craving has diminished some what so I'm wondering if it was my body just needing the extra vitamin C. Oh well, I was hoping it was a real pregnancy craving.

I'm definitely in the trimester where Cole really starts gaining weight and my back is agreeing! It's getting more difficult to turn in bed, etc. I get back aches more frequently. However, it is NOTHING like it was with Ethan's pregnancy and I thank God for that. He knows my limits!

I keep going back and forth about what kind of birth I want. I really wanted a natural birth for a while, but I just don't know. I pulled out my Hypnobirthing book again and I'm reading through it and also bought a birthing ball. My birth experience with Ethan was just so bizarre (3 days of on and off contractions and then I was still put on Pit to even get it really going) that I wonder if I'll even know this time when I need to go to the hospital. Will my body labor completely differently this time? I feel like I should prepare for a natural birth and just see how I progress when it's time. I'm completely against the Pit or drugs and I really prefer my water to break on it's own. The epi is the thing I waiver on. 


Annie said...

You look amazing Cheri! I love how your belly is just popping. So close, I can't believe you only have 8 weeks left, that is going to fly by!

I was anemic too. I slept A LOT when I was preggo and had to take 2 iron pills every day.

I am going to stay tuned for baby Cole's big debut!

Anonymous said...

So sweet =) I have five babys <3

Unknown said...

Yay thanks for the baby bump picture. You are looking fabulous!! :)

B.A. Hunter said...

Cute picture, he is sticking right out there! Glad to hear you found the cause of all the sleepiness. Your almost there! Hang in there. :-)

Anonymous said...

You are all belly. You look great.

Unknown said...

My two deliveries were COMPLETELY different!!

1st son: Was induced at 40+5 due to low amniotic fluid levels. (Had contractions for 5+ days but they did not progress.) Checked into the hospital at 8:30am Thursday. Labored all day long. Pushed for almost 3 hours. Baby was in distress. Almost had an emergency c section. He finally came out (I am forgetting the exact time, I think it was 9:38pm). He was sunny-side up (posterior position) which explained the very difficult labor and delivery. I had a TERRIBLE time recovering. I was one heavy duty pain meds for weeks.

2nd son: Contractions started Friday morning. Went to doc Friday afternoons, I was 4 cm dilated. Told me to wait a couple hours then go to the hospital. Went around 7pm. Still 4-5cm. Didn't progress. Was sent home at 10pm. Labored through intense contractions at home all night. Slept a little. Contractions were NEVER regular - they were long and intense but happened every 5 minutes, then 15 minutes, then 2 minutes, then 4 minutes, then 10 minutes, etc. (They were irregular like that up until the time I delivered!) Contractions got more intense around 5am and I had bloody show... Went to hospital, was admitted at 6am. Labored at hospital, got epidural, was fine, got antibiotics and fluids. They broke my water at 10am. I felt the need to push and the nurse told me to do one push to see how I was progressing and IMMEDIATEL said "STOP! I have to get the doctor now!" because I was about to push him out right then and there! I pushed for 11 minutes at he was born at 11:33am Saturday. My recovery was so easy. I never had to take hard pain meds- just ibuprofen!

Each labor and each baby is so different!


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