Monday, January 3, 2011

Menu Plan: January 3rd- January 9th

The last few days I've been reading a book, Large Family Logistics. This book is a wonderful read for all Christian mothers whether you have a large family or not. It's making me realize the importance of my role and how I should be taking care of my family and home. A part of taking proper care of the family is to menu plan. Not only to help stay organized and save money, but also to eat healthier. Menu planning is something that I have done in the past and loved, it has been very helpful. Since being pregnant I have not been eating very healthy. I'm really sad to say all my maternity pants are getting way too tight! This week I'm slowly getting back to my healthy eating habits. I have several posts written up about my healthy eating habits you can read more here.

I got the Whole Foods for the Whole Family cookbook that was recommended by Beth and Happily Domestic. Such a great resource especially for those who need  a good cookbook with a wide variety of healthy recipes. This cookbook focuses on whole grains, whole wheat, and natural sweeteners throughout most recipes. My husband is not typically fond of any healthier foods and is extremely picky eater. However, there are a couple things that he has learned to love to eat ( my whole wheat tortillas for one). He still has to have white bread, pasta and rice and this will probably never change. I'm making the chicken and rice casserole tonight and it has brown rice so I'm curious to see if he eats it ;-) I'm slowly going to add meals here and there that I won't have to make two different pots of food. He is the bread winner of the home plus I think that as a Christian wife I shouldn't pressure him to much by only cooking food that he doesn't enjoy.

Monday: Chicken and Rice Casserole*, salad, green beans

Tuesday: Beef Stew, beans, cheese sticks, corn bread

Wednesday: Sausage, scrambled eggs, whole wheat biscuits

Thursday: Crockpot roast, beans, salad and green beans

Friday:Baked Italian chicken, Macaroni and Cheese*, salad and corn

Saturday: Homemade pizza (ww crust for me and Ethan, white for Andrew)

Sunday: Turkey, mashed potatoes, corn, salad and homemade whole wheat yeast rolls

Breakfasts:oatmeal, whole wheat banana bread, and Orange Rice and Spice Breakfast*

Snacks: fruit, crockpot yogurt, and whole wheat graham crackers

Lunches: Right now I still have a stock of turkey breasts in my freezer. I cook one on Sunday and it serves as one main meal plus our lunch meat through the week. Once I run out of these turkey breasts I will be switching me and Ethan's lunches to more bean and veggie based while husband still has turkey meat from the deli.

*recipes from Whole Foods for the Whole Family



itsme said...

i am going to check out that cookbook. I am a healthy whole grain eater and am always looking for great recipes. thanks!

B.A. Hunter said...

Glad you are enjoying your cookbook. :-) It is pretty much all I use anymore. So great! Your menu plan sounds yummy!

Annie said...

I LOVE whole foods for the whole family. I borrowed it from my La Leche League library and don't want to give it back :)

I am going to steal a few of your menu options. I want to start making food again now that I am finally healed from my c-section :)


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