Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Bump 2 Baby Pregnancy Update: 5 months

More than half way there! I'm 5 months and 23 weeks now. Not much to report on this month. Just feeling more movement and kicks all the time. My energy level has picked up a tad and I'm not as tired anymore. Although there are many afternoons I need a nap. I am starting to have that feeling that Cole is going to be a bigger baby than Ethan. He is already kicking up by my ribs and he's pretty strong considering his size. Yikes, I may not be able to use those extra small diaper covers after all! I'm still working on my diaper stash. As soon as Christmas is past and I have more extra time I'll get it finished and I will post about it.

Still no back pain. I've only had a couple of instances of having bad back pain, but it was because I was on my feet all day long cleaning the house for several hours. However, it wasn't the back breaking pain that I constantly felt with Ethan. I am so thankful about this and it makes this pregnancy feel a bazillion times easier than with Ethan! We'll see how I do as Cole gets bigger though.

Looks like we have settled on a middle name: Reid. I suggested that he have the same initials as me and really Reid was the only name we could come up with after looking at several  'R' boy name lists.


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Anonymous said...

You look so cute!

N.D. said...

5 months already!!! You look great.

Annie said...

You look amazing! I love the baby bump :)

Hooray for half way, and big babies are so much fun. David was 8lbs 15 ounces and was in the xs covers for about 8 weeks. Not bad, but it sure went fast!

katy said...

You look good. I hope the rest of your pregnancy continues to go well. I like the name.

cman said...

Aww, you look great! It's so amazing feeling them kick even if it is painful sometimes.

itsme said...

my first has the middle name Reid. I feel like i am totally out of boy's names so if this one is a boy, I don't know what I will name him!


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