Friday, November 12, 2010

Recommending an excellent sewing/crafting blog

I hardly ever recommend a blog, but I ran across Grosgrain a few days ago and HAD to share! I now don't remember what post I first read on Grosgrain, but I know it was a tutorial that I had read off a message board. She posts lots of sewing and crafting ideas. These are very simple ones and don't cost much money either. November is "Embellish Month" where she takes very simple, ordinary sweaters and shirts and adds her own embellishments to them. Most of these are picked up very cheaply at the Goodwill and some of them she does alter the sweater to make it more fashionable before adding the embellishments. I'm in complete AWE of her talent and originality. Now I'm looking forward to heading to the Goodwill when I have a few bucks to pick up a couple of items and try to do some of these myself. Seeing what she does with clothes, there is no excuse to not have nice looking clothing for cheap. Anyway, I wanted to pass on this great site for you to check out!


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