Monday, October 25, 2010

Why your family needs to take Vitamin D

I probably haven't mentioned it before, but before Ethan was even born I had done some research (or so I thought) on vaccines and decided on doing a "delayed vaccine schedule". He only ended up with 3 vaccines because he seemed to constantly have pink ears (on the verge of an ear infection) many times and I kept pushing another vaccine off. Since then I have done more research about vaccines and have decided not to do anymore. I have been following Dr. Tenpenny on Facebook for a while now and have been keeping up with the various studies and articles concerning these health topics. Dr. Tenpenny recommends vitamin D to be a main supplement given to everyone to help prevent illness. Many on her page have shared their positive results since doing this for their families.

I believe there is still many more studies to be done to show what proper levels of vitamin D will do for our bodies. I also think you must stay "in the loop" through doctors who support supplementation and will continually keep you up to date of new studies such as Dr. Tenpenny. Dr. Tenpenny does have a great list of studies listed on her website supporting vitamin D supplementation.

I know there are lots of people who claim they get their vitamin D from the sun or food, daily. I have to disagree with this theory. Dr. Tenpenny also covers this topic on her website.

Since March I have been taking a vitamin D supplement. It is only a 2000 IU per pill. I love my supplement because it also has vitamin K combined to help the absorption. I have only had one instance in July that I felt a strange sinus like type virus coming on. I quickly got over it while upping my Vitamin C, echincea and garlic combo that I always go to when I feel something coming on. That is the ONLY time I have been sick since March. Ethan's multi-vitamin only has 100 IU per pill and he gets one a day. Last night I looked up the information on Dr. Tenpenny's site for recommended levels and discovered we are not taking near enough. While we haven't been sick in months, winter is right around the corner and I need to prepare our bodies for all of the illnesses that will be all around us. Not to mention last winter we were sick a lot! This was also before I started taking vitamin D for myself.

Check out all the information yourself on Dr. Tenpenny's site before taking a vitamin D supplement and educate yourself. Ethan's recommended dosage is 1000 IU and for myself since I'm pregnant, 6000 IU. As you can see we are taking much less than we should! I am taking more pills of my vitamin D supplement and I actually split them up throughout the day. I don't have to, but it is good to take with calcium and I take my calcium 3 times a day anyway. For Ethan since he can't swallow a pill I went to the heath food store today and purchased Carlson 1000 IU vitamin D drops. Carlson also makes vitamin D drops for babies with smaller doses per drop if you have infants. As long as Ethan doesn't get sick 1 bottle will last a whole year (you take more when you do get sick or feel something coming on). For less than $30 it is a great value to his health! The drops are clear and tasteless. I placed the drop on a spoon for Ethan and he licked it right off and actually acted like he enjoyed it, so maybe it does have a little flavor :-)

I wanted to share all of this information with my readers and hope that you will seriously consider starting your whole family on vitamin D supplements now and prepare for winter. No one wants a sick family! I'm interested to see how we do health-wise this winter compared to last since we are adding vitamin D.


I was not compensated for this post and all opinions are mine. I do have affiliate links within my post for product that I have personally used. You may not have the same health experiences from these same products. I am not a healthcare professional and you should always seek advice from your primary care doctor before adding a supplement.

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N.D. said...

this is really interesting. My only thought about this is getting into school -I think they require vaccines. But, I'm pretty sure you are planning to home school, so I guess it doesn't affect you! How can you tell when hes on the verge of ear infection? and do you give him antiobiotics for it?


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