Sunday, October 24, 2010

Important Recall: Hyland's Teething Tablets

I LOVE Hyland's Teething Tablets, but they are now being recalled. I know lots of moms use these as well and wanted to make sure I help spread the word. I have 2 bottles in my cabinet. This is the article from the FDA explaining it a little more. The substance found in the teething tablets was belladonna, which another name is nightshade which is a poisonous plant. Go here to check out the recall information and also to request a refund or product replacement coupon. I filled out the form online and it was really simple. After I submitted it I was told it would take up to 8 weeks to receive my refund. I am hanging onto my bottles until I get my refund just in case I need proof from them. However, I have marked them with a sharpie to 'throw away' just in case I forget to do so!



Unknown said...

I saw this on the news last night! We used them until I discovered there was lactose in them. So we switched to Boiron Camilia, which is a homeopathic liquid teething remedy. It's harder to find than the Hyland's, but we will probably use it again. I would also like to try a baltic amber necklace.

Chari said...

Thanks for the info Sarah, I'll have to write that one down for reference. I'm headed to our health food store this morning anyway and I'll check to see if they happen to carry that while I'm there.

I found a link on the Hylands website that explains why the belladonna is in the tablets and how the dosage is safe. Apparently it is an extremely low dose, but because it is still a poisonous plant the FDA is making them pull it. I guess I still don't understand why they would even use any belladonna in the tablets to begin with! The website states they hope to have a new formula out by early summer.

Unknown said...

thank you so much for passing this info on! I had not heard about this and I know my one girlfriend uses it for her little girl after I recommended them to her when i used them for my son. I totally shared this on my facebook page to spread the word as well.


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