Thursday, October 28, 2010

The BIG Day is Scheduled! Guess the Gender!

Our ultrasound appointment is Monday, November 8th! Just a few more days! We didn't find out the gender with Ethan before birth, but because I think this baby is a girl I want to know for sure now. Just for fun I have a poll in the center of the blog. Take a guess :-)

Although I just know baby is a girl. For fun, I thought I would share a handful of things that have been different with this pregnancy than with Ethan. However, I know pregnancy symptoms can be the different even if it's the same gender. Maybe one of these reminds you of one of your pregnancies of a certain gender in particular. I am also writing some of these down now because I will forget later!

What's obviously different:  
  • More tired! I don't remember the fatigue lasting this long with Ethan. Or maybe it's because I'm running after a toddler and doing all the housework this time around?
  • Less nausea! While the nausea was definitly stronger than it was with Ethan, it actually stopped at 13 weeks this time and lasted with Ethan until about 22 weeks. However, every 3 or 4 days I have a strong wave of nausea that comes out of no where, but will last only for a few minutes.
  • More hungry! I don't remember being this hungry with Ethan either. I am starving and have to eat a meal (or at least a protein/carb snack) every couple of hours.
  • Insomnia! It has been much worse during the first/second trimesters than it ever was with Ethan. Insomnia didn't really hit me until the third trimester and I could get up, eat a snack and quickly go back to sleep. Part of my insomnia is due to hunger. I've learned to stay up way later so I can eat a snack right before I go to bed. It has kept me from waking up at 2 am wide awake, but sometimes I still wake up too early starving and then get up too early for the day! I haven't been sleeping well at all either. Something I didn't do with Ethan either. Just within the last few days I finally feel like I'm starting to get good sleep. This could explain the tiredness!
  • No cravings! I'm still not having any food cravings. Daily my taste for "what sounds good" changes, but still no strong repeat cravings like I did for fish with Ethan. I loved fish! I'm still early in my pregnancy though so this could change.
  • No back pain! *knock on wood* This was right about the time I started having extreme back pain with Ethan that lasted months post partum. I think a lot of this has to do this is my second pregnancy and my body is used to the changes. Plus with Ethan I worked full time, at a desk job. Sitting on your rear all day long is not the best for a pregnant woman!
  • Chocolate! Ok, this is the kicker. I had serious aversions to chocolate during Ethan's pregnancy. I am a chocoholic too, so it was very strange. I started out the same way and it appears my chocolate aversions are slowly fading away. I'm still not the chocoholic like I am when I'm not pregnant, but at least chocolate tastes good to me now :-) Now, if that doesn't say 'it's a girl' I don't know what does!
So those are my very few differences. Just for fun! Now go vote :-)



Unknown said...

**fingers crossed** you are right and it's a girl!!! :o)
then my little one will have 2 girlfriends to choose from- yours and Annie's! lol

The Hunter Family said...

I hope it's a girl too. They are so much fun! ;-) Although a brother to play with would be fun for Ethan. Either way, you will love it!

lovemylevi said...

I had completely different symptoms this pregnancy too but we found out we are being blessed with a second boy! Good luck!

N.D. said...

I vited boy! but if you think girl, I think mother's instinct is always right!


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