Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Bump 2 Baby: First doctor appointment

Monday was my first doctor's appointment. I switched to a new OB/GYN this time around. My old OB/GYN I have seen for several years, but I just don't like how I was treated during the last couple of days leading up to my delivery and the delivery itself. Both of my SILs and also a friend go to this OB/GYN and I've always heard great things about her with their deliveries. Her personality is so much different than my old doctor. She reminds me of a grandma though :-D Her staff is also much more pleasant as well. Her office and the hospital I will deliver at is also much more conveniently located and easier to access.

The first appointment is always so exciting isn't it? Since I'm a new patient there were a bazillion and one questions to answer. The best part was seeing the baby for the first time on the ultrasound. My wordless wednesday post today is my ultrasound photos if you would like to take a look. My new doctor doesn't have a fancy 3d ultrasound machine like my old doctor and she isn't very techy either so there were no close ups. We did get to see the heartbeat on the ultrasound and that was really neat! I measured 3 days behind my April 5th EDD, but my EDD will remain the same since it's less than a week's difference. Not that EDD means a whole lot anyway. However I do have my chart so I know exactly when things happened ;-)

She went over my bloodwork that I had done a couple weeks ago. Something I found very interesting is that with Ethan my labs showed I was non-immuned to Rubella, but my labs with this baby say I am! After I had Ethan the hospital was really pushing for me to get the MMR before I left, but I said I would get it later. I did some research and decided I should not get the MMR. (I'm pretty much anti-vaccine now anyway. Ethan has only had 3 single vax.). I'm glad that I opted not to get the MMR. Still isn't that so bizarre about my labs??

My new doctor is a marathoner and I talked to her about running. She fully supports running as long as I like. She even coaches a Fleet Feet group and told me about a lady due in October that is getting ready to run a half marathon. Wow, I'm just thinking I'll be lucky getting by with 10 miles or less here haha! She doesn't think an increase in mileage is bad, but says to really listen to my body and stay well hydrated. Believe me, I'm still huffing and puffing and not thinking about increasing mileage anytime soon. I'm barely getting in 4 miles now! However, usually you start feeling better in the 2nd trimester and maybe my running will pick up then.

I go back on September 30th for my next appointment. I will be 13 weeks then.



Anonymous said...

So exciting. Glad your appointment went well. My doctor wasn't very tech savvy either, but I loved her.

Unknown said...

Glad you are happy with your new doc. I switched my OB/GYN because of the way I was treated during and after my miscarriage. I even cancelled my 6 week post-op appointment and saw my current doctor instead. The first thing he asked was how I was doing. Then he turned to my husband and asked the same question. It seemed like such a simple question, yet the other doctor never asked either of us.

N.D. said...

Im so glad you switched doctors, that everything went well and you saw the baby. And, it's super fun she's a marathoner.


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