Monday, August 16, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Ethan!

Today my little baby turned 2! Although he is officially not the baby of the family anymore :-) This morning, like clockwork my morning sickness really decided to kick in about 7 weeks like it did with Ethan. So today wasn't very exciting for him. However, we had his party on Saturday and it was awesome! The cake took me 12 hours to decorate! I didn't get any good closeup pictures with my digital camera, but I did with my film camera. It will be a couple days before I get it back and I will be sure to post pictures.

I had his pictures taken last week and they turned out so good! I got over 50, but I will just share my very favorite ones. He can turn off his smile so fast so it was difficult for her to get him to smile and then adjust her camera for a quick shot!

He LOVED this rocking chair! I think I need to put one on his Christmas wish list!
She tells him to sit down on the block and he does it backwards! It was cute though and she snapped pictures that way too.

She wanted him to lay down on his stomach for this which he did NOT want to do.
He started inching towards her on his stomach and got us all laughing.

His little train conductor outfit he wore at his party as well.

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Unknown said...

He's looking so grown up! I love how you can see his personality change with each shot. :o)
Happy 2nd birthday, Ethan!!

Anonymous said...

Cute pictures!! He is so cute! Hope morning sickness isn't too bad for you.

katy said...

Great pics! He is a cutie! Happy Birthday Ethan!

Terra Heck said...

Those are great photos. Happy birthday to your little boy.


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