Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Baby #2 details

I just wanted to post the details about baby #2 and let you know I am still here! I am so sorry I am way behind in announcing winners and getting more reviews & giveaways posted. I just got a rx for zophran this afternoon! The MS really hits me hard as soon as I lay down for the night. I've tried dramamine and it does help take the edge off, but I still don't sleep well because I wake up repeatedly with the woozies. I took zophran mainly at night with Ethan until about 22 weeks so I expect it to be about the same with this baby. I'm a weanie when it comes to the nausea!

The day I tested positive I put Ethan in his t-shirt when Andrew came home for a quick break. He was surprised and ecstatic! We told a couple of friends, but decided to wait until Ethan's birthday party to tell the family and everyone else. I put together a slideshow of my favorite pictures of Ethan over the year and at the end I had slowed the slideshow and had photos of Ethan in his t-shirt. Honestly, I don't know how to interpret the reactions because the only one I really got was a loud, "YAY!" from my friend who already knew anyway. Yup. That. Was. It. Nice huh?

I had my first nurse visit last week and she gave me my official EDD April 5, 2011. I go in August 30th for my first doctors appointment. Nothing is better than that first ultrasound :-)

Besides the morning sickness (which will hopefully be completely controlled by meds now!) and bouts of fatigue I'm feeling pretty good. My greatest concern is to avoid the extreme back pain I had with Ethan starting around 4 months to several months PP. I had planned on running as long as I can through this pregnancy. I basically went from training for a half marathon to a couch potato overnight when I found out I was pregnant with Ethan. Literally I did, the last run was the day before I tested positive. I think going from being so active to nothing at all really did my body in. So, now that I'm actually into pregnancy #2 I can't seem to find the motivation to keep going! I haven't ran in 2 weeks, but that run was actually awesome! Now that I have meds to control the MS I am going to pick back up with it.

I am actually REALLY excited about another baby. Really I feel like I am past due for another one! Hubby has wanted another one for a long time, but I was a little more focused on loosing weight and my running. I realized I needed to snap out of my selfish running goals and focus on what I actually need now, a family. I can do what I can with running and after I'm done having kids I can focus back on bigger goals :-)

I am also really excited to breastfeed again!! I had such a rough time with Ethan, but I learned SO much. He wasn't EBF until about 3 months. I had planned on BF until about 2 years, but at the time I didn't think I could handle it and made it to almost 15 months. I'm ready to give extended BF another shot.

The other thing I am excited about is finding out the gender BEFORE birth! We didn't with Ethan, which was mainly my husbands idea. I was totally fine with it. This time around I want to know! And I'm betting 100% on pink this time. I guess we will find out around the first of November for sure :-)

Thank you again to all of you who left sweet comments on my announcement!



Anonymous said...

Glad you got some medicine. Hope it helps.

{IF} we have another one I want to lose a lot of weight before hand. I think it helps with the pregnancy. Have you thought of seeing a chiropractor? I saw one towards the end of my pregnancy and it helped a TON!

Can't wait to find out what you are having. :D

Amber Liddle said...

zofran is my savior!! I never used anything for Ingrid but the ms went away at exactly 12 wks. This time it's lingering and zofran has helped SO MUCH!

I was like you, too, in wanting to lose weight and get fit and then realizing I'd rather have my kids closer together and once they're born, I can get fit then.

Hope you get your pink :) I'm not really sure what I want?? Healthy, that's all!

Annie said...

oh yay Cheri!! yay!! I am just so excited for you!

No, I don't think it was selfish of you to want to lose the weight first. I read that being fit and trim before being pregnant again is so much healthier for mom AND baby so you did a wonderful thing for this little one.

I am hopin for a little girl for you! Of course 2 boys is a huge blessing and tons of fun. My friend has 2 boys. But I am saying girl LOL

I hope your MS goes away soon and doesn't last a super long time like other friends of mine has. yuck!!

April is a wondeful month to be pregnant. (David was born 4/11) The weather is just warming up so you can get outside and exercise faster. LOVE it!

Unknown said...

Congrats again Chari! :o)

We had a really rough time breastfeeding too. The formula was an unexpected expense that I do not want to have to do again.

Hope you get to feeling better soon! I will be expecting an email telling me I won all the giveaways I entered when you do. ;o)

Unknown said...

I hope the meds work nicely for you. It was sort of funny reading parts of your post and just thinking, "boy that sounds like what I have been saying/thinking." We didn't find out with our little boy but this time around we are going to find out. We get to know mid Sept. I already can't wait! We are hoping for pink as well. I will be keeping you all in my thoughts and can't wait to read more about your journey through to baby #2. :)

Katie S said...

Your announcement response sounded like the response I got with my first too. I showed a picture to my in-laws and there was dead silence. It was pretty awkward! But know that I'm excited for you!! Congrats again!


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