Thursday, May 13, 2010

Your favorite swim diapers?

Our pool is ready to the weather needs to cooperate and get warmer so we can use it! First, I need a swim diaper. I'm wanting a reusable one (no disposables). I would like to hear your recommendations for swim diapers. Thanks :-)



Carly said...

The one that I used last year came from Babies R Us. They were reuseable pull up style diapers. I bought 2 incase we needed a change at the pool. They worked great. the brand was I-Play. Good Luck:)

Unknown said...

Since I'm a swimmer, Tate got his first, Imse Vimse, in his first Christmas stocking! Perfect timing since they say to wait until 6 months to put them in the pool! I chose Imse Vimse because it was what my semi-local store carried. He only used it once, but I like the snaps.
We used the Bummis Swimmi last summer, but it is NOT fun to clean poop out of the mesh! The aplix also rubbed a little on Tate's tummy and after 1 season, the elastic's completely shot.
This summer I got a Nifty Nappy SwimzEaze. He's already used it once (not absorbent on land- he soaked my mom- but great in the water). She has super cute prints too!
I've also used the Bamboo Bums utility diaper, but only in the backyard. I don't want chlorine to mess up the bamboo! :o)

Jill said...

we got a free monkey doodlez recently, but you could use any pocket type diaper that doesn't have an insert in it, the pul will keep the water away from baby's skin (mud puddles, seriously!)

cwendel said...

I used the Swimsters Swim Diapers.... they're the ones used by the ISR people and I really loved them! Great elastic around the edges and easy on/off. K. never had an accident yet, so don't know how the cleaning is, but they are FAB!! The pink is still running color tho.. :( grrrr..... They seem to run a bit big, if you have a skinny kid. :) K is still in the 12 month ones, and she's 18 months. This link is the cheapest price and shipping i found when looking. Oh yeah, I have the Bummis as well and they are TOO BIG and a hassle to put on quickly at the pool..

Lisa said...
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dannyscotland said...

I love Imse Vimse's swim diapers. Measure the baby carefully, because they have a very trim fit. Sometimes I see them called "Imse Vimse Bumpy" but they are not bumpy. I don't know why they're called that. I love ours. They are so trim, they easily fit under a swimsuit bottom or a onepiece (I have a girl). You can find them at any of the diaper type sites, including IPlay is a brand I've heard a lot about, but I have never used them. Have fun in the pool!

N.D. said...

I just use the ones from amazon! (I think these ones:

but one step ahead has a cool SPF one and Target has pants that are SPF 50 and a swim diaper too!


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