Monday, May 31, 2010

More Roses

Yes, more rose pictures! I hope you aren't getting tired of them! I have to show the photos of the yellow roses around my pool deck. They are huge this year! So pretty.

I cupped this one with my hand so you could see how large it is!

This isn't a rose picture, but I am SO excited about this- it's my new Dahlias I planted this spring! I shared last November how my dahlia was blooming just then! I have not had any luck with dahlias at all. Since it bloomed last year (out of season none the less!) I decided to try planting a few more since I'm still trying to fill my flower beds. This time I didn't plant them as deep as they say on the package. In fact, barely under the ground and so far (crossing fingers!) they are looking good! They are summer bloomers so I'll have photos before too long. I can't wait!



dannyscotland said...

I *love* roses and it's actually one of the main reasons I checked out your blog the first time! Keep those rose pictures coming, I say!

Set Apart Living Mama said...

Big AND beautiful! No, not getting tired of rose pics one bit! Thank you for sharing!! Hope all is well!!


Glogirl said...

Your flowers are so beautiful! My sister who is an avid gardener would love to see these pictures.

Andrea said...

Those are gorgeous! I love this time of year. So pretty! Keep the roses coming!


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