Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter 2010

Saturday morning was an egg hunt at our church. It took a little bit for Ethan to catch on that you put the eggs in your basket and not just throw them on the ground =) All the eggs were filled with candy which I took out of the eggs and hid it before he could figure it out. (We haven't been eating sugar for 6 weeks- a post soon about that!)

Saturday night we dyed our real eggs. This was a lot of fun. I tried to let him put the egg in the tub which resulted in colored water going everywhere. 

Sunday morning

Playing with the real eggs *yikes*

At my in-laws he got to pet the easter bunny =)

And hunt more eggs.



B.A. Hunter said...

Looks like you had a nice Easter! Ethan looks so cute all dressed up. Also, I can REALLY tell you have lost weight!! Good job, I am so proud of you. Keep at it. :-)

Unknown said...

I agree with Beth. You look great! Ethan looks so grown up in his suit. What a cutie! :o)


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