Saturday, November 28, 2009

Christmas Traditions

Today at Kelly's Korner we are sharing our Christmas Traditions. We have a few, but I'm always looking to add others since I love Christmas. I'm looking forward to reading about everyone's to get ideas!

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~Picture in front of the tree. Even though the tree looks the same every year, our family doesn't so it's nice to have a picture in front of our tree! 

We have been married since 2004, but we didn't start the annual pictures until 2007. The day we took our picture for our Christmas cards we found out we were expecting Ethan! I digi-scrapped the picture for his baby book.

Here's 2008 picture! I digi-scrapped our picture for our Christmas cards.

~Collage 5x7 photo for family.
I started this last year. I take several photos throughout the year that I like and make a collage for family. Since most of the family doesn't get to see all the pictures we take through the year or get many from us, a collage is a great way to share and document the year. 2008 held a lot of changes for us: new house, Andrew turning 30, and having Ethan.

~Christmas Stockings
Christmas stockings have always been a tradition. See my post here about the ones I'm making....I'm still working hard on Ethan's!

~Santa Pictures
Not sure how long I'll make the kids have their pictures with Santa lol

~Kids have their own Christmas trees.

I had my own little tree in my room growing up and I loved it! Nothing was more fun than decorating our tree and leaving the lights plugged in all night.

He has a tree AND a wreath that we just made from our first House Party! You can read about our House Party here.

~Collecting Hallmark Ornaments for the kids each year
My grandparents started this tradition of buying a Hallmark ornament for all of us grandkids after Christmas (when they are half off). We did not get our collection of Hallmark ornaments until we got married. So I had 24 beautiful Hallmark ornaments for our Christmas tree when we got married. I started buying one for Ethan last year. It's difficult to just buy one each year!

~Gingerbread House Decorating Party
This one is so much fun! It's a great way to have a Christmas party at our house to invite family and friends and it has a purpose. I'm sorry but just Christmas parties just aren't much fun! I remember going to a few growing up and they were boring with nothing to do. The Gingerbread party is a great experience for the whole family and memorable too. 

Next weekend is our Gingerbread Decorating House Party! I have a blog dedicated just to this and you can also see all the pictures from last year and see the invite from this year.

Ethan was already eye-ing the candy before he was even eating solids yet ;-) It's hilarious now, because I know how much a sweet tooth he has, it's crazy!

I think that is it! I also want to get an advent calender and fill it with things for the kids each year. Does anyone do this and have suggestions? I probably won't start it this year. I'll look and see if I can find one I like and get it after Christmas on sale.

I would love to hear any traditions you have! Please share!
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