Thursday, October 1, 2009

Show Us Your Life- Baby Gear

The topic this week at Kelly's Korner is baby gear! I love baby gear topics because you get to hear from other moms what worked for them and what didn't. However, you'll have to keep in mind that babies all have different personalities so they may not like a particular baby toy or item, but another baby may love it.

We didn't purchase a lot of baby gear or gadgets. I would like to share the 3 most helpful pieces of large baby gear we purchased.

First off.....the Fisher Price Rainforest Swing. This was a LIFESAVER. Ethan would not sleep in his crib from Day 1 so he spent every nap and night time in this swing. What is wonderful about this swing is that it plugs into a wall outlet. NO BATTERIES, genius! We burned out the motor in it around 7 months before he even reached the weight limit. Although he was so used to sleeping in it we still put him in it and rocked him to sleep. Now he is too big for it, but we left it out because we play the music on it while he sleeps. I love the music.

Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Jumper 

We started putting Ethan in the jumper about 4 months old because he was very tall. He didn't like it for a couple of months until one day it occurred to him he could jump in it, and oh wow, how fun it was to jump! He would jump so hard and would really get into it. It was hilarious. And it kept him occupied and out of my way while I made supper or cleaned up the kitchen. One side has a little tray that you can set their sippy cup or snacks in. The other three sides kept him entertained with the music and toys. This is a very useful item!

Jeep Limited Overland Jogging Stroller
I was really into running before I got pregnant and I knew I would continue to run after Ethan was born. I had my eye on a BOB jogging stroller, but really couldn't shell out the $350 for it. I purchased this one for just under $200 and it has more features than the BOB does. I LOVE IT!! I have used it since Ethan was 6 weeks old. It has a very smooth ride. My favorite feature of the Jeep Jogging Stroller is that you can hook up your MP3 or portable CD player and can hear your music through the built in speakers. It also has two drink holders and a large basket on the bottom you can store blankets or whatever you may need. The front wheel is fixed which is important if you are running with it, but it is not a stroller you will take out shopping or to the zoo with. I have put many miles on this stroller so far. You can also read about my Half Marathon Training. If you are looking for a stroller for running, you will be pleased with the Jeep Limited Overland Jogging Stroller.

 I hope my reviews have helped you. If you have any other questions about these 3 pieces of baby gear I would love to answer them.


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