Sunday, August 9, 2009

Show us your life- Reception & Honeymoon

”Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner”

There were four main rooms in the mansion where the reception was. Here is the largest room with all the tables. The whole mansion smelled like flowers and was wonderful! We had a topiary on each table. Here is a closeup of one, with a friend :-)
Another room.

Another room had the cake, punch, etc. This is one side of the room.
The cake on the other. Not only was the most gorgeous cake I have ever seen, but it is the best tasting cake! Usually wedding cakes are blah.....dry and just, tasteless. This cake is from Ludgers.
It's a bavarian cream cheesecake. The cheesecake cream is between two layers of light cake. It's wonderful and there were so many compliments about the cake. Before we ordered this cake, there was a picture of this exact cake on their website (not now, I guess it's not modern enough!) so it was easy to order. My florest did an awesome job with adding the flowers to look just like the cake I wanted!

The grooms cake was the same bavarian cream, but just chocolate flavored. It's even better than the white! We also had a bowl of raspberry sauce they could pour over the cake. For the couple of anniversaries that we have been home on our actual anniversary I always order a small chocolate one. It was nice to order a fresh one for our first anniversary than to have to eat a yucky frozen one!
Pictures by the cake.
I LOVE this picture! This is an 8 x10 that is in our photo album. I wish I had a scanner because it is so clear and pretty. Click on photo to enlarge so you can see it better.
In the other room was a chocolate fountain. So yummy. It also was nice because it gave guests something to do while we finished up pictures after the wedding. We had marshmellows, pretzels, strawberries, pineapple pieces, graham cracker sticks and apples to dip in it.

Here's some more pictures that were taken I really like.
He's bustling my dress :-)
My sister and cousins chasing us in the limo as we're leaving. As long as we can remember when ever we left each other houses we would run along side the car down the road. It's cute that they did it here :-D

We stayed our wedding night at the Renaissance Hotel. Andrew still says that it was the best bed he ever slept on (and that's serious, not because it was our wedding night lol) and we've stayed at some other Renaissance and other high end hotels since then! Since our wedding was early afternoon, we got to our hotel around 5:00 and were starving. We ate in the hotel restaurant and it was completely empty the entire time we were there! It was like it was just for us. Andrew, Mr. Picky eater, just wanted "steak and fries" and it took a little talking to the waiter to get that! After dinner the chef brought us out a beautiful creme brulee with fruit and congratulations written out in chocolate on the plate. How sweet!

The night was still early so we decided to go see a movie since the theatre was just a few blocks away. We watched "Soul Plane" and it was the worst movie I have ever seen, or what I did see of it...I was exhausted and kept falling asleep haha!

The next afternoon we left for Paris! To this day, that was the worst nightmare flight ever!! We were married on Sunday and the next day was Monday, Memorial Day observed. It was mass choas at the airport and every flight was delayed everywhere. The guy in Tulsa moved us around and upgraded all our flights to first class for us...but at each layover we would have to change flights once again and didn't get to fly first class until our flight from London to Paris. We weren't even supposed to go to London to begin with, we were to change in Frankfort, Germany!! Andrew doesn't like flying anyway, so this was just wonderful :-)

This was my 2nd time to go to Paris. Although we did all our booking through AAA travel for our honeymoon. Advice, never let a travel agent do a honeymoon booking to a Eurpeon distination :-) Our room was very tiny, to say the least. We still had a wonderful time though. I didn't take many pictures at all, partly because I had been to Paris before and secondly I'm not to fond of trying to figure out which tourists speak english so they can take our picture. I do have one of us by the Eiffel tower, I am happy I have that!


Lindsey said...

Love the Chocolate fountain!

B.A. Hunter said...

Wish I could have been there! It looks so beautiful. :-) Thanks for sharing.

Beccalynn said...

Beautiful! You guys are a gorgeous couple! And did you love Paris? I loved it, but lots of people I talked to said they thought it was dirty.

Set Apart Living Mama said...

What a beautiful couple you all are!!! Love the pictures and loved your story how you met him!!!


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