Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Riding the Rhino

We went to the zoo this past weekend and had so much fun. I snapped a few pictures of the boys on a Rhino. This photo makes me laugh, I love the expression on both of their faces. Don't worry, Cole was not sitting there by himself, I photoshopped my husband's arm out of the pic. I know, that totally ruins the effect of the picture since I had to tell you that haha!



cwendel said...

Oh my.... Cole is about to topple off there!! I have a similar picture, only it's me and a friend on a bronze Gorilla @ Worlds of Fun in Kansas City...... Expressions are similar.... LOL....

Unknown said...

Love Ethan's face! :oP
And I seriously think Cole is bigger than Mayer now! :o)


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