Monday, June 13, 2011

How to make Post Partum Mama Cloth Pads with PDF Pattern

A while back I showed you how to make mama cloth liners. So easy and can be made with all scrap material! After I experimented with making my own liners I knew I could definitely make my own post partum pads.

If you are already cloth diapering there really is no reason not to use mama cloth too. 

The Pros for using Mama Cloth:
  • Will save you a lot of money!
  • Much more comfortable than disposables (breathes more too!)
  • Never have to forget about picking up pads at the store again
  • You can design a pad that fits YOU just the way you want it
  • From what I have read from personal stories on message boards there is a huge health benefit as well with lessened bleeding and PMS symptoms. Makes you wonder what those chemicals are doing to our female reproductive systems!
I made my post partum pads before I had Cole but I did not start using them until I came home 36 hours after his birth. I had a vaginal birth and I think that the first 24 to 48 hours is my heaviest flow. I don't think these pads would work for right after birth because the flow is just too heavy. However, my flow for the first couple of weeks is heavier than my typical period and I think they did a terrific job. I never had one leak! I had 16 pads and changing on average every time I went to the restroom which was about every 2 hours. At this rate the pads lasted me a day and a half to 2 days. The materials I constructed these with make them dry very fast in the dryer. I would wait until I had 2 or maybe even 1 pad left before I would wash them. So even if you grab the last one you still have time to wash and dry easily before you need to change again. No worry there! These pads are thin enough to use for regular period flow as well, just not for post partum only.


Non-pill fleece: This is the backing of the pad. The fleece acts as a waterproof barrier and helps it stay in place and not shift.

Cotton Print: You can use anything you like. I used all scraps I had on hand.

ZORB: One layer of ZORB is equal to 8 layers of flannel. It's absorbs very quickly and also dries very quickly. I believe this is the best material for post partum pads. It's great for when you have those unexpected 'gushes' the first week or so (or unexpected 'bladder leaks' from weakened muscles pushing a big baby out LOL). I bought a 'sample swatch' from Wazoodle. Unfortantly it does not appear that they are selling the sample size anymore! This sample size cost me $4 (including shipping!) and I was able to make 16 pads from it. Shipping is kind of pricey so it would be good if there is something else you need to purchase or see if someone can order with you and split shipping costs. I have also seen listings on etsy for small cuts as well. Measure out the pad topper and see how much you need, the seller may sell you more or less depending on how much you need. ZORB is excellent for AIO cloth diapers. So if you happen to have a lot of extra you can make some great fitted diapers with this.

Minky: I bought my minky at JoAnns when it was on sale. The great thing about Minky is that it does NOT stain. I went with white because it would go with any cotton print. I only had a couple of pads that stained just the slightest bit, but came out with sunning. They have been used several times during my post partum period and look very clean.

Snaps: I used KAM Snaps, but you can use sew on metal snaps, they will work just as well.

Suggestion: cut out just 1 pad and try it on and see if you need any adjustments to it in length or width. Once the pad is to your liking use the patterns and a fabric pen to trace out as many pads as you need. Then you can cut all the material out at once and then sew them all. It goes much faster this way.

Pattern: Link to PDF pattern


Cut out the 4 layers you need for 1 pad

Pin right sides together of both bottom layers and top layers

Sew layers together with a 1/4 inch seam allowance, leaving a small gap open. Turn right side out.

Top stitch the bottom layer, closing up the unsewn gap as you are top stitching.


Pin the top layer on the bottom layer.

Top stitch the top layer. Then sew once again about 1/2 inch inside the topper.
Attach KAM Snaps or sew on metal snaps to desired fit.
Can be folded down into a square after use.

Using Mama Cloth:
Just like cloth diapers, store used cloths in a dry wet bag until ready to wash. I do a cold rinse then a hot wash with detergent. I also use a little bleach. Then one extra cold rinse. Dry in dryer (doesn't take long!)



*MeandMineinaSmallTown said...

Love this!! Thanks! I really need to learn how to use my sewing machine better! Everything comes do you make it to wear it doesn't start unraveling then come undone.

B.A. Hunter said...

I tried downloading the pattern and it says I need to be a premium member. :-(

Jenna said...

I dowloaded it just fine... it said to skip the wait (20 seconds) you had to sign up to be a premium member, but I just waited the 20 seconds. Thank you!


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