Saturday, February 12, 2011

Project 365: Week 6

NapTime MomTog Project 365

The front of our house before 2nd snow came. Taken from inside the car so the picture isn't the greatest. 


First time to play with play dough. It kept him busy for 2 HOURS and he only stopped because it was bed time! I got some sewing done ;-)

I sewed up 5 dozen cloth wipes. Whew!

The things boys come up with! Andrew said not to take a picture of it because it looked nasty, but I thought it was hilarious and he's still innocent anyway ;-)

My first cloth panty liner! Not the best sewing.... (tutorial and pattern coming soon!)

Playing with daddy's dinosaurs. It's cool to see your kids play with toys you played with as a child.


Telling Daddy how to put together the new baby swing (review & giveaway soon!). I have no clue where he gets that attitude from...




Unknown said...

Attitude or not, he's so cute!
We got hit with a second round of snow too. This time was worse than the last. We had 11-13". Reports vary because of all the drifting. Hopefully, this week we won't have any!
Tate loves play-dough too! I also need to get out my dinosaurs for him. I only kept a few. My nickname was tri"sarah"tops for awhile. :) Most of the toys I saved are dolls.

Set Apart Living Mama said...

He is too cute!
LOVED the cloth wipes and great job on the panty liner!!!!!! I have a bunch of mama pads and want more and more lol. Since I have a sewing machine I really need to make them but just need to know how. Oh and your sewing by the way is GREAT since mine wouldn't look that good at all:)

Anonymous said...

He is so adorable! Those cloth wipes are awesome. That is a lot of snow. Are you all trying to sell your house?


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