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Moms Into Fitness Review & Discount Code


Most of us moms are either trying to stay in shape during our pregnancies or trying to shed the last few pounds from post partum. Finding the right exercise program is more difficult after you become a mom since our schedules are hectic and 'me time' is very limited with a baby on our hip and toddlers running around the house. Moms into Fitness is the perfect solution for all moms!

About Moms into Fitness!
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Lindsay Brin, C.P.T. & B.S.E. Exercise Science, is a fitness and nutrition expert, and a former NFL cheerleader. For nearly fifteen years, she’s been helping women achieve healthier bodies and minds. She has starred, choreographed and designed 13 fitness DVDs for weight loss. And in 2005 Moms Into Fitness®, Inc. was born to help moms stay motivated and find a flat stomach again!

Lindsay’s lifelong passion for fitness developed while growing up and watching her mother teach aerobics. Lindsay’s dream was to offer cutting-edge fitness techniques to women across the globe. Today, Lindsay specializes in making fitness accessible, with programs that are renowned for their simple, fast results.

Lindsay is a fitness expert for Fit Pregnancy and Mom & Baby magazines and contributor to The Healthy Belly. Five of her DVDs are designed specifically for prenatal and postnatal moms. She was a Master Trainer, certifying fitness professional in TurboKick® and PiYo®. A leading Research Professional and spokesperson, led national fitness organizations to use Lindsay’s DVDs and Stroller Pump® programs to certify fitness professionals. She is also a spokesperson for Fertility Lifelines, helping women become mothers.

Lindsay is known for her CFS Method, teaching moms to use their inner core and find a flat stomach with simple movements. Not only was the CFS Method produced as one of her newest DVD releases, it was slotted to be part of a new book! Her most recent adventure was being signed on as a new author to one of the largest publishers in the world. Her first book was released December 29, 2009 and her second book is due to be released in January 2011.

Lindsay is an approachable, real and inspiring resource for women of all ages. Lindsay’s faith and the strength of her family have helped her get where she is today. Lindsay lives in the suburbs of St. Louis, with her husband, David, their little girl and a baby boy.

To find out more about who she is, and not just what she does, please visit her blog www.lindsaybrin.com. You’ll also see the good, the bad and the ugly pictures of Lindsay getting her body back. Week-by-Week photos starting from the day she got home from the hospital with her daughter and her son.

My Moms Into Fitness Experience!
As most of you know, pre-baby #2 I was really into exercising and running. I was trying to get back in shape the best I could before baby #2. I loved working out hard and being sore after a workout was a good thing, it meant progress! When I first found out I was pregnant I continued to run, although I had cut back my mileage due to morning sickness and lack of energy. As the weeks passed I still had no energy and a 3 mile run would totally wipe me out instead of help me. My achilles tendon started acting up again as well thanks to pregnancy hormones. I finally decided to give up running through the rest of my pregnancy.

Being pregnant through the winter is no fun because I find it more difficult to stay active. I also had to find a way to stay active since I was no longer running. I had a couple of different pregnancy workout dvds with Ethan, but I didn't use them often because I didn't really enjoy them and they just weren't challenging enough. After doing some searching I ran across Moms Into Fitness. Lindsay Brin has an excellent set of Pregnancy Fitness Program dvds. There is a dvd specially for each trimester that will focus on various parts of the body for cardio and toning. The set also includes a dvd, Boot Camp 2, for post baby and getting back into shape. Workout with Boot Camp 2 to have a better body in 8 weeks through the interval training 10 minute workouts.

I received the Pregnancy Fitness Program just as I was going into my second trimester. I have only worked out to the Second Trimester dvd so far, but I am really enjoying it! I find that the dvd is challenging enough for me during this trimester and I still feel like I get a total body workout. I love how the exercises are geared towards strengthening the typical trouble areas that pregnant women experience. I also feel that Brin's dvds are great for preparing the whole body for birth as well with the core and leg work. After my workout I feel energized and relaxed. I'm looking forward to moving on to the Third Trimester dvd when it's time. As you can imagine I'm really looking forward to the Boot Camp 2 dvd! :-)

Check out the clip below of the Second Trimester dvd.

Overall Thoughts about Moms Into Fitness!
Of all of the fitness programs that are available to moms, I totally believe Lindsay Brin's is the best! Although I won't mention names, there are other fitness moms that I have followed online and looked into their workout video and diet programs. Most of them are pretty extreme on the dieting aspect. Brin on the other hand has always been totally open about what she looked like pre-baby and post-baby. She has photos all over her website and blog about her post-baby weight loss experiences. Plus she shares about her diet plan which is basically sensible eating. No extreme protein diets! Brin has created fitness programs and diet plans that are simple for any busy mom to follow and still get her post-baby body back (or even better than post-baby!). Please check out her website, Moms Into Fitness, because she offers more dvds and even workouts you can download onto your computer or ipod

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