Friday, November 26, 2010

Take Time to Share Your Christmas Traditions: Christmas Crafts

I'll admit it now but this is the one week I totally bomb out on ideas and looking for ideas for other moms! This weeks post is anything to do with crafts whether you have made some in the past for yourself, have your kids make them or you make some for friends & family for gifts. I'm looking for ideas to start doing with our kids. It would be nice to do something every year like some kind of ornament.

My only craft is the Christmas stockings I make for each family member. I started with Ethan's and finished it last year. I buy the Buscilla brand stocking kits because that is the some type of kit mine was made when I was a baby. The kit comes with a felt stocking, but I bought  1/2 yard of velvet type material and made the stocking slightly larger. I also add tons more sequins and beads than the kit calls for so I end up spending a few more dollars buying those. These stockings are cute if you just follow the kit, you don't have to do the extra embellishing like I do. I have spent days upon days working on Ethan's stocking.

Here's what the kit looks like:

Here's what Ethan's stocking looked like after I got done. The stocking is a dark navy. I know it looks almost black in the photo. 

Here's the kit I bought for Andrew. I've had all year to work on his and I'm just now starting on it! Kind of finding a difficult time keeping motivated on this one too I don't know why. I'm working on the snowman covering him completely with sequins. I'm worried because I don't think the face will look right that way. I WILL get it done though.

I'm on the lookout for Cole's stocking. I would like to work on it through out the year and have it ready for his first Christmas. We'll see! I'm scoping out ebay right now, there is a ton of Buscilla kits on there during this time. You can also purchase these kits from JoAnns online.


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Anonymous said...

Cute stocking! I remember when we were little we used to string popcorn as a family for the tree. That's kinda crafty. Plus you get a snack out of it too! :)


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