Friday, September 24, 2010

JoAnn's Has PUL!!

As I was just finishing up my KAMSnap review and giveaway I was also browsing the KAMSnap Facebook page. I learned that JoAnn's now carries some PUL fabric! Maybe this news isn't so new, but two years ago when looking for PUL to make cloth diapers they did not carry it. It appears that some of the stores carry it and it is not available just online. I'm super excited and now I can't wait to get to JoAnn's to see if ours carries it! The price shows $9.99 a yard which is a great deal. JoAnn regularly has 40% and 50% off coupons that you can use that would make this even a better bargain. I just wanted to pass along this info to all my cloth diapering mama's out there. Have any of you purchased any of the PUL from JoAnn's?


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Lyn said...

A friend of mine found some at her local store. I can tell that it is 1 MIL but that is fine. She didn't say how much it cost her. I really can't wait to go to her store to check it out though. We want to start making waterproof covers and more AIO kind of diapers. :)


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