Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fall Maternity Fashions

Last night we happened to be by the mall and we went to Motherhood Maternity. There was a huge poster in the front window advertising their new fall line by Heidi Klum. The photo was advertising OVERALLS!! (not even to mention wearing 4 inch platform high heals with it!) I about fell over! I NEVER thought I would see overalls as a popular maternity fashion again. And seriously by Heidi Klum of all people?! I took a look online to see the rest of her line- it is AWFUL! There are only a couple of tops I would even consider wearing. All of her pants are TIGHT skinny leg pants in gosh awful colors. YUCK! Who is brave enough to wear this crap?

I'm sorry, but overalls are NOT cute for a pregnant woman to wear. I don't care how skinny she is, she will still look like a beached whale wearing them.

Ok, whether you are pregnant or not, consider yourself warned because you know just because this is a line by Heidi Klum lots of pregnant women are going to be wearing this gross stuff. I'm preparing your eyes now!



Amber Liddle said...

LOL!! I always remember our family friend's acid washed maternity overalls circa 1989. I will not be following that trend!!

B.A. Hunter said...

Ewwwwww!!!! And with heels???? Can we say "White Trash" Bleh!

Unknown said...

I just remember what Clinton & Stacey from TLC's What Not To Wear would say: if you aren't on the farm, then there is no place for overalls! Rest assured, those are not in my fall/ winter maternity wardrobe! :o)


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