Sunday, August 29, 2010

Bump 2 Baby: Pregnancy Update, 2 Months

This week we hit the 8 week mark. I guess technically I won't be 2 months until one more week though on September 5th ;-) Time for an update anyway I think!

How I'm feeling:
  • Morning sickness: The morning sickness is still here! I had MS with Ethan until about 22 weeks, however, I don't think it will be lingering around as long this time around. In a way my MS doesn't seem as strong with #2. I'm still taking my zophran at times though. This last week my MS has settled into a pattern: I usually start feeling yucky around noon and after lunch I lie down to take a nap while Ethan naps. When I wake up I usually feel worse and end up taking a zophran in the late afternoon which helps me get through supper time. I have been waking up between 2 to 4ish am needing to pee and then my stomach realizes it's empty and needs something before I can go back to sleep (or I'll start feeling sick again as well). I have been having a light snack of usually cheese and crackers and go back to bed. I've been waking up feeling fine (although so groggy when I awake!).
  • Food Aversions: I'm having some serious food aversions here! I don't remember them being this bad with Ethan. I can't even plan a day ahead of what I can eat. If I don't eat what I'm craving then what ever I fix my stomach does some serious turns! You may be shocked I'm even eating somewhat unhealthy alternatives (I'm still using meat from the healthfood store!), but I'm eating what sounds good during this icky time. Once I get past my MS then I can opt for healthier foods. Believe me the thought of a green smoothie makes me green just thinking about it. I feel I make up for my bad choices by the really good organic multi-vitamin/muli-mineral with photonutrients supplement I take. I know vitamins don't make up for how we eat, but it helps :-) One of the most interesting food aversions I did have with Ethan and with #2 is chocolate! I LOVE chocolate. You can't get me to gag it down if you had to! That was the only food aversion that lasted my whole pregnancy with Ethan. 
  • Other:Other than those two things mentioned above I'm feeling pretty good! Fatigue isn't near as bad as it was with Ethan. I don't know if that is because I'm able to take a short nap during the middle of the day? I'm also taking 100 mg of b6 (which helps with MS and fatigue) 3 times a day which as well may be the case of my MS not being as strong either. 
I'm a morning exerciser and have always been. When my MS first started it was beginning in the morning. Now that it has switched I started exercising this week! My first day I did a slow 2 mile run. It felt good to finally run again, but boy, running is not the same anymore! As I have read from other pregnant runners, the first trimester leaves you panting and out of breath. Very true with me as well. I'm taking it easy and listening to my body. The few days after my run I've taken Ethan out in the jogger for a run/walk and sometimes mostly just walks. It feels good to be active once again and I just pray that staying active will keep me from having that extreme back pain I had with Ethan 4 months on.

Body: My belly really popped out this week! Although seeing how baby is only the size of a raspberry makes me think it's more belly fat than anything lol. I had lost a couple of pounds but as soon as I started exercising I started gaining weight! I guess I'm eating more and don't realize it? Strange! I think I'll be wearing my maternity jeans pretty soon here....

Dr Appt: My first appointment is tomorrow! I'm so excited! I'm hoping I get to see baby on ultrasound at my first appointment. I'll be sure to post the photos.



Anonymous said...

Way to go on getting back to running. Good Luck at your appointment tomorrow. :D

B.A. Hunter said...

The first trimester is always the hardest. Hang in there! :-)

N.D. said...

aww.. glad you are doing well. 22 weeks of morning sickness? I am impressed you are having another one! :) ha.

Chari said...

LOL Natalie! MS was far from my reasoning haha! If it was anything from the pregnancy it would have been the back pain, it was bad, bad!!


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