Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Eco-friendly Mattress?

I am super excited because we are finally upgrading to a king size bed! We just put a down payment on a pretty black french country looking bedroom furniture set. I will admit that we actually got the cheapest set in the store because we plan on spending more on the mattress, the part that really counts! We currently have the bedroom set that my husband bought as a bachelor several years ago. The mattress that came with his set is so hard and worthless. Seriously, when we got married I had to buy an egg crate topper to put on it so I could even get comfortable at all to go to sleep lol. We keep saying we need to upgrade to a king size bed so we never purchased a new mattress for the bed we have. Enough is enough, our backs are paying for it more than ever.

As you've been reading on my Healthy Living Event we are slowly changing to organics which includes mattresses! I'm really sad that Naturepedic doesn't make a mattress in a king size otherwise I wouldn't even be talking about other options out there. I am so impressed with the Naturepedic mattress Ethan now sleeps on!

So, we've looked at a couple of brands of eco-friendly mattresses available out there in stores. There is one that we like how it feels to lay on and it does not cost much more than the "regular" type of mattress we would consider purchasing. However, I feel like I need to do a little research to figure out how eco-friendly some of these brands are. Does anyone have experience with any eco-friendly mattresses or heard from someone that has? I would love to hear any advice!



~M said...

I'm interested in this too! Thanks!

fancygrlnancy said...

We need a new mattress so bad. dh often goes to sleep on the couch because he says our bed is not comfortable. I would love the new mattress to be eco friendly too!

DivaMommy said...

I am not really familiar with any of the natural mattresses. We have a pillow top that is about 4 years old and I will never buy another one. It is uncomfortable and you can't flip it so you get body impressions in it and are pretty much helpless. :(


Kimberly said...

We are also looking to upgrade to a king size bed, and when we do it will be a more eco friendly mattress. I haven't scoped them out too much yet, but friends have told me that they really help with your allergies too. Looking forward to that!

Unknown said...

I know these can get REALLY pricey, I can't even dream of a new eco-friendly mattress right now with our finances. But, if we ever do get one, it will probably be the natural rubber one from IKEA. It is not the best out there, not organic, but a lot less toxic than most other mattresses. The price is unbeatable though! I still have a lot of research to do on this myself!

Andrea said...

I had never even thought of going eco-friendly when it came to my mattress, but I'm definitely going to look into it now. Oh, and good choice on the king size bed! Hoping for a king for our next bed too!

NatureLovingMama said...

oh how I would love to have a king sized bed! I do not know anyone who has an eco bed, but I am interested in learning more about them. This is a change I would like to make as well.


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