Wednesday, April 21, 2010

She Colors My Day

As we get closer to celebrating Mother's Day, we are reminded of the memories and relationship with our Mom. So many women have suffered and even have lost their lives to breast cancer. I am so thankful that the women in my family have not had to experience this horrible illness. I have, however, known friends who have and know it takes great strength to fight it.

I was excited to hear about the She Colors My Day project. I have ran the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure 5k before and it was the most amazing 5k I have ever ran. So many people had lost their moms, wives, and daughters to breast cancer were running the 5k with their t-shirts dedicated with photos to those who had suffered from breast cancer. There was groups of people lined the whole way through the 5k course cheering on those who were running. It is support that you just don't see at any other 5k event! It was a very moving event. When I learned that the She Colors My Day proceeds benefits the Susan G. Komen as well as other organizations I wanted to share this with my friends and blog readers.

The She Colors My Day project began when a mother named Annette, dying of breast cancer, created a keepsake for the four daughters she was preparing to leave behind. Annette sent a c.d. of she and her daughters singing to her many friends and family. Unbeknown to Annette, her act of love would be the inspiration for her friend, Cristina Carlino, founder of Project Miracle, to ignite the She Colors My Day movement - a celebration of the never-ending bonds of mothers and daughters. The now worldwide She Colors My Day movement embarks upon a global journey to create for a cure. Inspired by a mother's infinite love, this ever widening circle of caring will benefit the Susan G. Komen for a Cure ® Foundation and the Entertainment Industry Foundation's /Women's Cancer Research Group biomarker project. Hear the story in Cristina's own words here.

How can we get involved?
Color With Us- We can start by taking the first steps to coloring someone else's day through a platform we all know well- Facebook.  The She Colors My Day pink crayon is a Facebook application created to be shared with those we love. The pink crayon can be virtually passed around on Facebook so we can all help to create for a cure. This was very simple to do and I hope my friends continue to pass it on!

Sing Along- The "She Colors My Day" song co-written by Cristina Carlino and Stuart Mathis for Cristina's daughter has been recorded by multi-Grammy award winner, Amy Grant. Download the "She Colors My Day Song" and video and help to support this organization. A portion of net proceeds from the song supports the She Colors My Day project, benefiting Susan G. Komen for a Cure ® Foundation and the Entertainment Industry Foundation's/Women's Cancer Research Group.

Spread the Word- The ultimate goal of the "She Colors My Day" project is to support mothers and daughters and create a cure. If you're inspired by this project, please help us share the love by publishing a post on your blog this week that celebrates the special mother/daughter relationships in your life

Thank you for taking the time to get involved!


I received no compensation for this post, however, I have the opportunity to receiving a t-shirt through MomSelect by sharing this with my blog readers.

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