Sunday, December 27, 2009

Our 2009 Christmas

Despite having a blizzard on Christmas Eve and having all the various plans rescheduled, we still had a wonderful Christmas!

Christmas Eve we were supposed to go to my parents house for a yummy dinner, but the weather was just too bad. So we stayed home and I made a homemade canadian bacon pizza for us. I finished Ethan's stocking at 1 am that morning so I barely had it made in enough time!

Christmas Eve I set out Ethan's gifts after we put him to bed. We got him a motorized "four wheeler", 2 big tonka trucks and a lawn mower. The lawn mower was to try to encourage him to walk. He loves walking on his knees all the time and he's really fast at it. ha!

Christmas morning we opened our gifts from each other. Ethan was really slow warming up to his gifts. We showed him his lawn mower first.

Next was the trucks.

Then his four wheeler. There is a button he has to press to make it go and he still hasn't really figured it out yet. I'm sure as soon as he does he'll be riding it all over the house :-)

Mid morning we went to my parents house. The roads were pretty bad and my grandparents were unable to make it out of their addition. We opened gifts without them.

Giving his new Christmas dog a kiss (bite on the nose).

Ethan got a lot of toys, including 3 big toys! He loves his new radio flyer wagon. I'm ready for it to warm up so we can use it outside.

Here we are with my brother, nephew and sister.

Saturday morning and afternoon we spent with my husband's family. I was happy Ethan didn't get any toys, he got all clothes! And he needs it too. He's quickly outgrowing all his 18 month sized clothes, especially the pants!
Saturday evening we went to my grandparents to open gifts.
Walking on his knees :-) He literally wore holes through his pants that day!

Another big toy! Lets just say our living room is VERY full now!

Ahh, Mr. Sweet Tooth. He found his uncle's Godiva chocolate bars and he was pretty excited about it.

Christmas night we came home and took all the decorations down and packed them away! I'm ready to clean and de-junk my house so I was ready for it to come down. I look forward to next Christmas already because I know Ethan will understand Christmas a little better and will be excited.
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Amber Liddle said...

The big question after Christmas--where do you put the new toys??? It will be total reorganization mode at our house, too!

Marisa @Loser for Life said...

Aw, Ethan is adorable! So fun to see the kids enjoying their presents!

Love that he found the chocolate! That boy knows his stuff ;)

Alesha @ Full Time Mama said...

LOVE that pic of him with the chocolate. Too cute! Looks like a great time! I can't believe you already have all of the decorations down! WOW! We're waiting until the new year, mostly because the kids are LOVING it all!

B.A. Hunter said...

You need to buy him knee pads! lol.

One step ahead sells a great collapsible toy box that is very sturdy and you can get it personalized. We just bought one and had our last name put on it. it is so nice and holds quite a few toys.

B.A. Hunter said...

Oh, and thanks for sharing all the great photos. Looks like you had a nice Christmas despite the weather.

N.D. said...

what a beautiful fam and happy Christmas. I love the stocking!

katy said...

The stocking looks lovely. Ethan is ready to mow. The wagon will be a lot of fun. You have a beautiful family.


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